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July 30th, 2011


It has been an amazing 1 year (and a bit) of blogging for the university of Sunderland. Thanks to everyone who has been reading my blogs.  I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my student experience as much as I’ve loved writing about them. Most importantly, as this year was a placement year for me, I hope  it has shed more light and uncover what it’s like to take  a year out on placement.

Unfortunately, this is good bye from me as a livesonline ambassador, but hey, you’all are in safe hands with the new livesonline ambassadors team as they take you through one year of their lives on line. To those who are thinking of going to university, those who are applying, those who are already studying at University, and of course the post grads, I wish you all the very best sucess.


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July 24th, 2011

What’s next??

This September, I return to the university to join in with the final year students for the completion of my BSc, where upon graduation next summer, I get awarded with my degree and also a certificate of competency.

However, this summer, I had the opportunity of attending my mates’ graduation – these were the ones that I commenced my first year with, those that remained on the programme while I opted out for a placement year.  Watching my classmates graduate was very emotional, as it brought a lot of memories such as our first lecture, freshers week, moving away from home..all those, 3 years ago was like yesterday. 3 years ago, 3 years was like a milestone, but hey funny how time flies!

It is the beginning of a new era for my friends, some of them are proceeding onto further education in courses such as dentistry, medicine masters, etc..for some others, its job hunting..For al of them, its another phase of life – life as graduates.

I anticipate the commencement of my final year and i hope to get subsequently get a promising graduate life.

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July 24th, 2011

The journey so far….

With just a month to the end of my one year clinical placement in Microbiology department at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Gateshead, I thought I would fill you in with my progress and also what’s next for me.

I’ve had a tremendous experience which has provided me with an excellent insight into the working environment as a biomedical scientist, and their role in disease diagnosis and patient management. So far, I have gained competencies in many areas of my chosen discipline, together with experience of working with a multidisciplinary team.

I am now taking up some graduate responsibilities in my department which as a result allows me to make valuable contribution to the operations of my training department – this is a real confidence boost that prepares me for life after graduation. My placement experience has also undoubtedly helped to confirm that I am in the right career path because I have enjoyed every time spent in the laboratory.

A major plus is the fantastic opportunity recently given me, to complete my final year biomedical project in the hospital – which involves working with real samples and dealing with live biomedical issues which has direct relevance to a diagnostic method in my training department. This project has commenced (even before the start of the year) meaning that I am well ahead of my final year mates. Doing my project in the hospital also means working here for another year – and keeping my hands in.

My registration portfolio, I have now completed, which is a very big relief. A date has been set aside in August for my portfolio assessment – something to anticipate.

Completing a placement year as well as a final year project in the hospital as above, I believe, will make my qualification stand out, from people who haven’t.

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May 1st, 2011

Royal bank holiday

This bank holiday is very special for most Britain residents, as it is for me. Well, for the obvious reason, the royal wedding. Although I have never been much concerned, to be honest, about the royal family, etc..but the atmosphere created at this occasion was that of excitement, jubilation and well, emotional for some..*sniff sniff* Well I was very excited in particular for the bride and her prince..I had a bit of a dreamy moment, if you know what I mean..haha, but I’m over it now..

My major highlights..The dress, the vow, the choir and the hats! Kate looked so amazing, the service was touching..for some reason, I was planning my own wedding too – a bit like “yea, I’m gonna have that too at my wedding”..hmm, but I’m certain that I wasn’t the only one.  My sincere well wishes to the happy couple.

In addition to all the wedding excitement, the other thing that makes this particular weekend so special is the fact that it is a long weekend and hoo..many Monday – Friday workers, especially, finds it special ( me included)! Because it means, really, a longer break and more fun time! I had the chance to go for a meal out at Nando’s yesterday with my friend and we also went to see Arthur at the movies..funny movie it was – great company too. Tonight, I am going out for dinner at one of the nicest Italian restaurant in Sunderland with another friend visiting from Manchester – mega excited!

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April 27th, 2011

Easter Holiday 2011

I had an amazing family time this past Easter holiday, yes, of course I went to Leeds again. I go home at every chance I get, so if you’re a student that feels home sick all the time, you’re not alone (even though I am in my third year, and one could easily think that I would be used to it by now!)

 As always, ‘twas great spending time with my family again. I also visited my grandparents (grandparents are the best!) uncle, aunt and cousin. There is something about going back home after a while..everybody showers you with gifts.. certainly one of the advantages of not living at home.  In the midst of all the fun, I also found a bit of time to go to the Leeds met Library to get some of my portfolio work done. I suppose if you’re a student with an ambition and passion for your chosen career, your work will constantly be on your mind – such is the case for me, anyway. For access to use other university library facilities, I think there is an access/visitor pass that one must obtain from one’s own university, subject to participating universities..but I suggest it’s worth checking if you like an accesses to the library facility of your home Uni, like I do.

 I drive whenever I’m back home, my sister and I love going for a drive, just the two of us, and so we use this as an excuse to go shopping nearly every day..well, we do love shopping as well actually, as we are blessed with a big beautiful shopping centre in Leeds. There is huge variety of things to do at Leeds, basically, Leeds is a great place to visit and live.

Presently, hols are over and I’m back to work, grateful to be back, but nothing compares with the feeling of being back home with your family, think you value it more when you’ve been away for a while.

April 1st, 2011

Cultural Night – Jazz and poetry night

To end the weekend, I attended a cultural night on Sunday (27th march) which was hosted by a charity organisation, ArtAngelz, in corporation with Sunderland AfroCaribbean Society.

 It was a fun night of jazz music, poetry and Art exhibition, with a featured special guest, Zena Edwards, from London. This event is first of its kind that I have attended, and i had so much fun. There were lots of independent performances from other students – and some non students (an open mic) and the University of Sunderland African drummers also showcased yet another brilliant performance at this event.  Another breathe taking performance was by one guy, a post graduate student, who did some jazz songs, in English, French, and Arabic! Zena Edwards who is a writer and poet wrapped the night with her on point jazz and folk performance.

For those interested in African drumming, here’s a link to their facebook page for more info:!/group.php?gid=37171217105

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Student Profile:

  • Name: Tolu Oyebanji
  • Age: 21
  • Studying: BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science
  • Hometown: Leeds
  • Ambitions: To become a biomedical scientist, make interesting medical discoveries and perhaps along the line publish a popular medical journal.

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