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Stanislava Ponjevic | University of Sunderland

Pharmacy MPharm

Meal Planning While in University Part I

Hello everyone!

It’s that month where everyone has started coming up with resolutions they wish to keep in the New Year and the one I’ve been hearing most often (in Canada and England) is to eat healthy and exercise. Therefore, I wanted to give everyone some tips I personally use (as a student) to eat healthy especially during busy weeks and exams. I’ll break down the most important features for meal planning stepwise so its easier to follow; here we go!


Step 1:

When food shopping, make a list of the foods you need in order to prepare meals that contain protein, carbohydrates and vegetables. My most bought items are: brown rice, wholewheat pasta, quinoa, frozen green beans, asparagus, cucumber, tomatoes, celery, avocado, turkey and chicken. You can also substitute the meat for a vegetarian option such as tofu, lentils/legumes or any Quorn product that you enjoy. These items will make your main meals but do not include any snacks that you’ll want to have throughout the day, I like options such as almonds, cashews, apples, bananas, oranges and other various sliced fruits.

Step 2:

Set aside one day a week that you have an extra hour or two prepare food for the week. My go-to day is Sunday, it helps me get organized for the week. Preparing in bulk allows you to save time throughout the week because you don’t have to cook everyday and you won’t have an excuse to eat that pizza from Domino’s! If you are meal planning for a week make sure to pack your food into a container and freeze it (where it will be safe to eat for at least a month), then reheat when ready to eat. Don’t forget to add variety to the flavoring of your meals. My favorite planned meals are brown rice with chicken and green beans and pesto pasta salad made with whole wheat pasta and loads of vegetables.

Wild rice, garlic shrimp, assorted salad with avocado and feta cheese. #foodporn #supper #cooking

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  • Name: Stanislava Ponjevic
  • Age: 22
  • Studying: Pharmacy MPharm
  • Hometown: Alberta, Canada
  • Ambitions: To explore as many countries as I can, promote healthy lifestyle choices and get a PharmD degree to teach at a university level.

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