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Stanislava Ponjevic | University of Sunderland

Pharmacy MPharm

Meal Planning While in University Part II

Step 3:

The above steps refer to lunch and dinner meals but you can also meal plan for breakfast! Oatmeal (or porridge as said in the UK) can be prepared the night before and then refrigerated for the next day. Simply add honey (and peanut butter in my case), fruit, chia seeds and various other nuts to increase fiber intake! Another great meal planning option for breakfast is hard boiled eggs. As a pharmacy student, we occasionally have labs that are 3 hours long which is almost always a recipe for hunger halfway through. On my meal planning day, I place eggs (enough for a couple days that week) in boiling water for 15-20 minutes, then pop them in the fridge for a later day. I like to combine them with toasted 100 calorie sandwich thins, avocado, spinach and prosciutto.

Step 4:

Don’t be afraid to have a cheat meal! If anything this is the most important step as it will allow you to indulge every once in a while (not too often though) and keep you on track throughout the rest of the week. For me, Sunday is my cheat meal day and a guilty pleasure is definitely crepes with Nutella.

If you have any other questions about meal planning or about exercise/workout tips send me a message or comment below!


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  • Name: Stanislava Ponjevic
  • Age: 22
  • Studying: Pharmacy MPharm
  • Hometown: Alberta, Canada
  • Ambitions: To explore as many countries as I can, promote healthy lifestyle choices and get a PharmD degree to teach at a university level.

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