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Stanislava Ponjevic | University of Sunderland

Pharmacy MPharm

Still Feeling Like a Fresher

Freshers Week during my first year still remains in my top memorable moments of the last year. I remember moving in to The Forge on that Sunday night, not knowing anyone, while everyone else was out socializing. I later that night met my flatmates and our neighbors (who remained our close friends for the rest of the year) and for the rest of that week we spent our time going to events such as the Silent Disco, Rob the Hypnotist and student nights out! That week brought our ‘flat family’ so much closer together; it allowed us to spend time together before our university work started taking over.

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 9.25.04 PM


This year, Freshers Week was different for many reasons, one of which being that I’m no longer a Fresher! It’s an interesting feeling I have to say, it feels almost as if you’re passing a torch to the new students hoping they never make the same mistakes as you, whether its procrastinating on assignments or spending far too much money on clothing when loan day comes around. I came back to Sunderland in the middle of Freshers Week and sadly missed the foam party, which I’ve heard from many people was one of the best events of the week. The week for me mainly consisted of trying to furnish my new digs with my mom so I didn’t get a chance to attend as many events as I had planned.


Trying to find furniture on a student budget was challenging, especially considering you want to find pieces that are durable but you don’t want to put yourself in debt over a chair (for example!). The majority of my furniture that I haddesk bought ended up being from Gumtree; this site has loads of second-hand/used furniture that is sometimes in brand new condition for a decent price. My most impressive find is my desk; as my course is very heavily based on revision and assignments, I needed a good workspace that was large enough so I could spread out all of my things as I slave away. The desk I bought only cost me £35 and as you can tell from the picture, its massive! If you’re a student like me living in an unfurnished flat or if you’re just looking for something to add to your room, I highly recommend this site- the prices are affordable and most of the time the ones who are selling these pieces of furniture are willing to deliver.


As for the Freshers events, I ended up heading to Revolution on the Wednesday to meet up with two of the other Lives Online bloggers: Liam and Scott (a photo of this can be seen on Scott’s blog). Wednesday night meant I was heading to the typical student spot, Basement. Student nights are especially busy because of the great deals on drinks, but I hadn’t quite anticipated just how busy it was going to be. It was great being back and seeing all of my friends that night and just soaking up the university atmosphere.










I spent my Friday during Freshers trekking around Sunderland and showing my mom some local attractions. We ended up going all the way to the beach and walking on the sand, we even found a jellyfish on the beach! A mandatory trip to a fish n’ chip shop was made before we went to the National Glass Center. It was mine and my mom’s first time in there and we enjoyed walking through the galleries and learning a bit about glass-making history in Sunderland. Our tourist-like day finished off with a climb up the stairs of the Wearmouth bridge; talk about a workout! That day made me realize that there’s still many places left to discover in Sunderland- be it a new restaurant, cafe or attraction. I’m hoping to share some of these ‘hidden gems’ with you guys as the year goes on and I’d love to hear any suggestions of new spots to check out; so send me a message on any of my social media outlets!














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  • Name: Stanislava Ponjevic
  • Age: 22
  • Studying: Pharmacy MPharm
  • Hometown: Alberta, Canada
  • Ambitions: To explore as many countries as I can, promote healthy lifestyle choices and get a PharmD degree to teach at a university level.

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