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Stanislava Ponjevic | University of Sunderland

Pharmacy MPharm

Hello! Zdravo! Bonjour!

Hey everyone,

My name is Stanislava, and I’ll be one of the students who will be blogging for the University of Sunderland for the 2014/15 year.

Stanislava Ponjevic—A preview

Obviously you all now know my name, but I’m sure most of you probably aren’t sure how to say it so here’s a tip; my name is three complete words put together: stan… is… lava. I’m hoping that helps most of you, but if I’m honest people hardly ever call me by my full name and most of my friends call me Stan or Stannie, so feel free to use whichever one you like! I was born in Jajce, in the former country Yugoslavia and lived in Serbia until I moved to Canada with my family in 1998. Since then I’ve been living in Alberta’s capital city, Edmonton. I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing two different cultures and when I moved to Sunderland I had the opportunity to relish in yet another wonderful culture: full of tea and fish n’ chips! I previously studied at the University of Alberta for three years and was working toward a Bachelor of Science degree so I suppose you could say I’m very comfortable with university life. I’m now studying Pharmacy and couldn’t be happier with my course and living in beautiful Sunderand; I’m hoping to show you all what university life is typically like with my personal touch.

Summer 2014—What was I up to?

This summer I worked at a pharmacy in Canada to gain some work experience for the coming year. It was nice to be able to put the knowledge I learned in my classes into my practical work and I enjoyed having interactions with patients. I also managed to do a bit of travelling; this included a few weekends away to neighboring cities and a girls trip with my close friends to Las Vegas (these photos can be seen on my instagram account: stannielivesonline).

So what now?

I’m currently in Serbia visiting my family in Novi Sad and the capital city, Belgrade. I’ll be posting another blog soon outlining some stuff I did while I was gone and some local attractions that are worth exploring if you are ever in the area.

You can also follow me on twitter: stan_islava to get a daily dose of my random thoughts and things that are occurring in pharmacy or the city of Sunderland. I’m hoping you’ll all enjoy and be kind, as this is my first time blogging, but I promise I won’t let you down! If there’s anything you’d be interested in me writing about regarding pharmacy or student life feel free to post a comment below or send me an email at

Vidimo se! (translation: see you soon!)

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  • Name: Stanislava Ponjevic
  • Age: 22
  • Studying: Pharmacy MPharm
  • Hometown: Alberta, Canada
  • Ambitions: To explore as many countries as I can, promote healthy lifestyle choices and get a PharmD degree to teach at a university level.

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