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Scott Cowie | University of Sunderland

Computer Forensics BSc (Hons)

  • Name: Scott Cowie
  • Age: 25
  • Studying: Computer Forensics BSc (Hons)
  • Hometown: Birtley, UK
  • Ambitions: I want to go far in the Computer Forensics Industry and help create a world with a safe computer environment for everyone.

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July 4th, 2015

1 Month To Go!

Yes people that’s right, I Scott Cowie, should be starting my placement at Accenture on the 10th of August and although I am looking for to it there are some things on my mind.

Firstly I have never done this kind of work before. University always felt like a relaxed atmosphere and I always tried to do great work and try to learn additional extras to what we were meant to do in assignments to further my knowledge but this is paid work and it will bring a new level of pressure to it. I’m sure it will be fine and I also wish good luck to the other students in my year that are going on to do a placement and even to those who are going to be doing their third year.

Secondly , with the placement being Monday to Friday I have decided that I want my weekend back and have decided to leave Sainsbury’s after nearly 7 years of service to reclaim my weekend. I have met a lot of interesting people and seen a lot of them come and go as the years went on and now it is my turn. I have learned a lot of skills from working there part time and it paid for my tuition fees so I really appreciate it now. Even though there have been times where I have thought why am I doing this or have gotten annoyed I appreciate everything I have done there and part of me will be sad to go. The other will be happy that it helped me move onto greater things.

Lastly I would like any helpful advice from you the readers as to how I should conduct myself ¬†etc. I have asked my Professional Mentor about it but any other advice will be appreciated in any shape or form. Thanks for reading guys. Hopefully tomorrow I am going to try and do some research into API’s which the Hackathon is heavily based on and I will report to you my findings!

P.S for those keeping up to date on the blogs something weird has happened to the video link… it disappeared that is why this one is written. Hopefully I can give you a nice video update soon.

June 25th, 2015

Birthday and Sage Visit

Hello everyone, so today was my birthday (25th of June) thanks to my loverly girlfriend and those who chipped in to get me my limited edition Batman PS4 really appreciate it. I also appreciate the other gifts I got too ;p and it was nice having the family for a nice meal always a good time with us all together.

So as I mentioned I also visited Sage they are conducting a hackathon in which we are the only externals that have been invited for this and it’s the first one so definitely pressure on to win but it’ll be good fun to work with their API and see how it ticks. It will be great experience and something to add to my CV and could be good as a potential doorway into a graduate job. These are the things you need to consider doing if you want to make sure your CV shines amongst the rest.

June 21st, 2015

Movie Night: Fathers Day Special


Hello everyone, so as you may know that today is Fathers day for those who celebrate it and today I did something a bit different. I have now decided that the best way to celebrate it, isn’t by buying a novelty or stupid gift as a fake attempt at showing you care. So what did I do? Well I bought him a little token gift card but I also treat him to dinner and the cinema as spending time with your loved ones is better than just throwing money at him pretending you care. I’ve always appreciated both my parents as they have molded me into what I am today and considering the viral’s you see on the interweb and the news I’m pretty sure they’ve done a great job.

Anyway onto the film! Now I must admit I have been playing the LEGO Jurasic Park/World game on the Xbox One and 360 because I am a nerd ūüôā and I sort of knew how the story was going to unfold but this was definitely better than all the rest. The main story is based after the events of the other films returning back to Isla Nublar where the original Jurassic Park was situated but as before fate ends up intervening in what could have been a promising park. I don’t want to reveal too much as this one is definitely a must see but I will bring up something that always bugs me.

How come in all new movies that seem to be coming out that involves technology or some new form of science, why does it always have to be turned into a weapon why aren’t people happy with just a nuclear bomb? it’ll destroy us eventually why do you need to make advancements, oo a shiny crystal cube that could give us unending electricity, that would help us save the planet from global warming etc. No lets use it to kill each other… positive story lines as usual… watch the film you’ll see what I mean. Anyway this is a must watch especially if your a fan of the JP series of movies. 5/5 from me ūüôā enjoy the trailer!

[iframe id=”″]



June 16th, 2015

My favourite announcements from E3

Hello everyone Scott here, first off looks like my birthday is going to get busy got the SuPA awards showcase and possibly could be the day when I am going to sage to meet up before the hackathon. But less about that more about E3 announcements!!!


Firstly… Final Fantasy VII is getting a remake.

So years after Square Enix said they would not ever make a remake of Final Fantasy 7 they finally announced it is being reborn for the PS4. Here is the trailer:

[iframe id=””]

See I love Final Fantasy and I am saving up on my GAME wallet for a PS4 so hint hint if they make a special edition console with it I would definitely buy it ^.^ and would definitely get me to buy one. It has been one of those games that I have returned to and replayed multiple times even with what would be consider now as bad graphics. It is a definite classic and with the popularity of the Final Fantasy X remake I imagine this is what pushed the FF7 remake to fruition.

Secondly… Fallout 4!!!

OMG! I have always loved Bethesda’s approach to massive and fun filled maps with an epic amount of freedom I have played Fallout, Oblivion Skyrim and Fallout New Vegas and they were all fun and I enjoyed it so much I played some of them on other consoles. They definitely look like they’ve tried to improve it as New Vegas admittedly felt like it was just Fallout 3 but a different area including much better and realistic lighting effects and some great new weapons such as the Laser Musket. Here’s ¬†the trailer but the XBOX one showcase is better on the E3 website (doesn’t look like same release for PS4):

[iframe id=”″]

Lastly… Rise of the Tomb Raider!

Simply put it looks amazing the graphics are better than the last although I must admit when I went to the Game On event at the Life Center in Newcastle through Uni I didn’t realise how old the original game was even though I still love it. I have all the original PS one versions of Final Fantasy and Tomb Raider on my PSVita…. Jealous You should be.

[iframe id=”″]

A thought occurs, a lot of the games seemed to be focused on Xbox One and it makes me wonder, as to how it seems that a lot of the new bigger games are focused on Xbox not PS4 and I wonder if it is to do with the engine it is running on. Tomb Raider I am aware is being published by  Microsoft hence why it will be exclusive, Microsoft are definitely getting more involved in the gaming Universe considering they took over Minecraft.

And in other amazing news slowly but surely backwards compatibility will be coming to Xbox One so if you were holding off converting from the 360 your prayers may have been answered lord knows it’ll save me the thought of whether to keep my Xbox 360 or not as I mostly play PS3 (saving for PS4) at home and Xbox One round Rebecca’s so sounds good to me ^.^

Thanks for reading guys!!

June 7th, 2015

University Life Goes On

Hi guys Scott here!

So as the title might suggest this is a little bit about how even though your course might end there are still plenty of things to be getting on with to better your CV and inevitably your career. Here is a little video on the matter.

So like I mentioned I am going to be part of a hackathon, this should be fun and considering I don’t really sleep it should be a piece of cake but I will try and do like running video updates during the night/event and then I will upload the video for you guys to see. So keep an eye out.

As I also mentioned I will be continuing on into August as it ends the 30th (contract ends) therefore I will try to do a blog about my placement maybe even get a first day there video going.

Anyway thanks for reading/watching and stay tuned!


May 29th, 2015

CET206 Showcase and Game On 2.0

Hi guys I made the following video yesterday but due to the internet upload speed being terrible it had to be an overnight job. Essentially we had our CET206 showcase and then an award ceremony that was rigged but the prizes weren’t that great anyway so I’ll live with the injustice… haha joking aside we then went to Game On 2.0 in Newcastle at the Life Centre. It was quite fun seeing old consoles through to new ones with some odd looking games. Here’s the video of what I thought and some pictures in there too.



It should be said that even thought O live quite near to Newcastle its the first time I’ve actually been to the Life Centre and it was nice the only issue was that all the games were taken up by kids, maybe when they were at school it might have been nicer to appreciate the games rather than watching inexperienced gamers die every 2 seconds >.< that aside me and my friends had fun so it was worth going.


May 19th, 2015

Update and Unboxing The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt


Hey everyone Scott here, so as Uni is coming to a close for me with only a showcase left on the 28th of May to mark the end of my study for the year and soon moving onto my Placement at Accenture…Yes I got it! Very excited but what to do in the meantime? Well gaming of course here is me and my joyous unboxing of my new game!

Anyway I am looking forward to playing the game also got a lot of time coming up to catch up with get some recordings done I think still havent started kingdom hearts remix even after spending ages of time getting the game and the images ready. But it should be great fun and because I can’t describe very well here is the trailer for the game:

Thanks for watching and stay tuned I’ll be here all summer!

May 13th, 2015

Cyber-Bullying and the Power of Social Media

Hey guys,

So tonight after I had another great meeting with my professional¬†mentor, me¬†and Becca¬†decided to go to the pictures to see a new film called “Unfriended”. We came out of the cinema not knowing what to think- we didn’t really know what to make of the film I mean it was jumpy in places, but it was good overall.


Basically, the plot is about this girl in an American high school committing suicide ¬†as a result of a video being uploaded to YouTube, and when a group of friends are messaging each other on Skype, an unexpected visitor appears. They are unable to hang up, and despite a student sending a Trojan remover tool, they were unable to hang up and thus one by one were forced to confess their sins….to the¬†victim. Here’s the trailer:

[iframe id=””]


Whilst this film was good, it has made an impact on how I now see social media, and I thought that it is important to post a little something about CYBER BULLYING . Cyber-bullying has become increasingly common where people are posting pictures in spite of others, or generally saying nasty stuff about someone over the internet. However, people seem to forget that what you say online, can impact you later in life. Below are a few little tips to help you guys preserve yourselves online and to put a stop to cyber bullying:


  1. Report posts that are inappropriate or know will offend someone-Cyber-bullying will not stop if we just scroll past offensive posts on social media….you never know what might happen.¬†
  2. Only post pictures/status/tweets that you would be happy an employer seeing- Remember guys, more and more employers are looking at what sort of person you are BEYOND AN INTERVIEW! that means that they ¬†definitely don’t want to see your drunken night out pictures or see you slagging someone off.
  3. If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say it at all– sometimes words are better left unsaid…..
  4. Don’t let yourself become a victim- If you are a victim of cyber-bullying remember that there is help out there! The worst thing ANYONE could do is to suffer alone….tell someone!
  5. Never take naked selfies!!!!¬†I mean why do it in the first place… only your doctors and your partner should see you naked… just because your a celebrity don’t make you immune to that stuff being spread like butter on warm toast!


Remember! Social media can be fun……if you use it properly!

speak soon guys,

May 11th, 2015

Group Project Video

Hey everyone so I had to make a video to add to the Menu of our group project and I thought I’d show you it too. Essentially it is a brief tutorial on how we have set up our learning toolkit. If you have any comments or advice on it I’d be grateful to hear it even though we are handing it in soon any feedback will help our development.

Thanks for watching!

May 6th, 2015

Movie Review : The Avengers – Age of Ultron

Today me and the missus’ decided to go to the cinema considering it was going to be quiet first thing in the morning, so we booked online after a million attempts on the website to go and see Age of Ultron. Here’s the official trailer:

Definitely a must see film if you like these Marvel films, you kind of need to know about the first film and the second captain america films but its best to see them all as there are some subtle hints back. It may be a spoiler but I think its also necessary to see the Guardians of the Galaxy… don’t ask why though ;p


If you don’t want to know about the film, then skip this little bit as I am going to briefly explain it. Essentially they spend some time recovering Loki’s staff who unfortunately doesn’t make an appearance from a special hidden base where the “twins” were genetically modified you know the ones from the trailer. Tony Stark and Bruce Banner spend time analysing it realising it contained A.I they try to use it to make a world wide defence network, unfortunately the “Ultron” goes bad as he see’s the only way to protect humanity and bring peace is to exterminate the humans. That’s us!!! Lots of stuff happens but I’m not going to ruin anymore of it for you, you’ll just have to go and see it! Definitely a must watch! 5/5 as I genuinely enjoy these films. We seen it in IMAX 3D definitely worth the extra.

And as always make sure to stay after the first set of short credits to see a teaser for the next movie, not sure if there’s a one right at the very end like the first one (when they’re all at the shwarmer king lol). Enjoy!