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Scott Cowie | University of Sunderland

Computer Forensics BSc (Hons)

How to Improve your Presentation Skills (Hints and Tips)

This little video is a little helpful guide on how to create a successful presentation hopefully adaptable across all courses not just my own.

Essentially all of the skills here I use everytime I do a presentation at University, the first time I had a presentation to do was for Computer Forensics and it went OK but the idea was terrible behind it. When I was at Northumbria studying Law it was a big part of their course too, it is an essential skill that employers are always looking for… essentially everything I said in that approximately 6 minute video was all just a couple of bullet points you may or may not have noticed me briefly looking away to see what my next point was. I’m also meeting up with my Professional Mentor tomorrow I had almost forgot about it till he messaged me, hopefully get some advice on my sales pitch from someone who does this kind of thing for a living ^.^

Here is a picture of my bulleted points to see what I mean, remember it is an aid to memory not a novel!


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  • Name: Scott Cowie
  • Age: 25
  • Studying: Computer Forensics BSc (Hons)
  • Hometown: Birtley, UK
  • Ambitions: I want to go far in the Computer Forensics Industry and help create a world with a safe computer environment for everyone.

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