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Archive for January, 2015

Scott Cowie

BSc (Hons) Computer Forensics

Organisation and Planning

Sunday, January 25th, 2015

Got a busy few weeks coming up but don’t forget to contact me if you want to ask anything. By the way as it may be apparent I enjoy gaming and they would like me to do a video blog if possible so if anyone wants to do a games session or just add me in general my PSN and Xbox Live Gamertag is: smcgothboy


Little Hackers and Placement Update

Wednesday, January 21st, 2015

Little Hackers

Hello everyone. So, yesterday as I went to shop at my local Sainsbury’s (the one where I work), I happened to notice something odd about the sound coming from the display TV’s. The basic use of the TV’s is to display them to the public, but to also run little advertisements and promotions, and it seemed a little strange that, for some reason, after the CD advert had stopped there was still music playing. As I was stood contemplating why such a thing would happen, I realised that there was a small group of lads giggling about next to the iPad display. Putting together loud and  annoying “New Monkey”(Noise) music and the way they were dressed told it was likely to be their handy work. Then it clicked: they were using the Bluetooth function on the device to connect one of their devices, likely a smart phone, to play the music through. Obviously, as the music is offensive to hearing but to most young children, I went to speak to security to get something done, but it made me think about Computer Forensics and how unsafe the device must be to be so easily manipulated like that. Although there is no actual hack, they are using a Bluetooth device to send their music across and play it publicly. This could quite easily be exploited by others.

This incident also made me think about how young children can easily do these things, and it only takes a small leap from this kind of activity to online hacking of some sort. As part of my CET206 research ( we are creating a code learning system for key stage 2 children), children are being taught code in schools in a small, primitive way, but as most languages are similar in some way, it wouldn’t take much learning to evolve their skills and become black hats. This begs the question as to whether they are taught about ethics and morality in the schools to do with computing. As part of the Computer Forensics course, we are constantly asked about these issues and learn the theory behind it. Just a thought…



Placement Update

I have heard back from some of my placement applications and it’s looking good so far although I must admit in my mind I am weighing up the benefits of each as I need to make sure I can still pay my University fees and live at the same time. It is definitely a big decision but I’m still adamant that a Placement is essential to my learning and skill progression.


Here is the update:

  • Clicksco applied through email from a contact at the University for Software DevelopmentReceived an email today inviting me to an interview
  • HP (Hewlett Packard) applied through their website for Software Development –Awaiting Reply
  • GE (General Electric) applied through their website for Software Engineering I received an email inviting me to a phone interview to be conducted in February
  • Microsoft applied through their website for Software Development  I received an email stating I had passed the Video Interview and awaiting the next step (Supposedly a Skype interview 😮 )
  • Accenture applied via email through University for Software DevelopmentAwaiting Reply
  • HMRC applied through contact at University as it isn’t online anywhere for Software Development Awaiting Reply (extended application date)


Remember feel free to ask me any questions!!!

University, Shopping, Film. All in a Weeks Work

Wednesday, January 14th, 2015

Back to University and Shopping at IntuMetroCentre



Film Review: Taken 3

Tonight me and Rebecca went to see Taken 3, the obvious sequel to Taken 1 and 2. The first movie has Liam Neeson having his daughter captured in Paris for use in prostitution and Bryan (Liam) goes after her with his secret service style training very awesome film. The second film had Bryan and his Ex wife Eleanor taken by some men who were related to a man he killed in the first movie.

This film is based on neither luckily as the second film wasn’t as popular, in this film his wife dies and while the police try to track him down he keeps eluding them to try and find the truth and it ends with an interesting twist so you should check it out. In my opinion it was a great film a lot of action and a very interesting story line definitely worth seeing I’d rate it 5/5 for me personally but you’ll see for yourself but it made me think about my course:

There was a lot of interesting points in the film in which Bryan uses a very small device which looked like a screen on a microchip to hack GPS data from cars, steal data files from a Police Cars system and there was mention of Mobile Phone forensics a lot. All this could be potentially part of my job in the future if I end up down that road but it’s always interesting to see it in action.

Professional Mentor and Film Review (The Woman In Black)

Tuesday, January 6th, 2015

So I had an eventful first day back, need to get back into University mode, meaning early starts a lot of work and luckily some free time here and there. I have so much to do but I thought I’d let you know how my Sunderland Futures Professional Mentoring Scheme meeting went.

Meeting my Personal Mentor Jon Saunders

My Mentor is Jon Saunders, we met yesterday for our first session, although a member of the Mentoring Team could not make it we still managed to break the ice quick. Although you can check out his LinkedIn profile, Jon runs his own company as well as being in partnership for a couple other companies. He started off as programmer like I wish to be but since then he’s become more of a director although he doesn’t keep a particular title and keeps a “box of titles” which he can use whenever he wants ha ha. We established a good friendship really quick and got to know each other, we have decided that as he hasn’t done programming for awhile he is going to help me with my placement goals, this means essentially that he is going to help me with my CV and cover letter, which will be a great help.

Jon Saunders

The Woman In Black – The Angel of Death

After University yesterday Becca needed to try and get a DVD to do with her English course so we decided to pop over to the Metro Centre and while we were there we decided to go and see The Woman In Black. It is actually a good film disregarding what others have said about it. I can genuinely say I jumped on more than one occasion and considering how many horrors I’ve watched it’s quite a hard job. It had a good story base and a good use of mixing horror with time period during the war. Personally I thought it was quite clever, it’s based around the 2nd world war where a small class group go to the Haunted Manor as refugees to escape the bombing but unleashed the woman in black. I recommend it as a definitely a 5/5 from me.

Thanks for reading and here’s the trailer:


My New Year’s Resolution

Saturday, January 3rd, 2015

My Current Placement Applications

So I thought I’d give a little list of the current applications I have made up to now and when ever I do a placement related post I’ll try to do an update or copy an paste the list with updated status for your benefit and try to create a link to their website or recruiting site.


  • Clicksco applied through email from a contact at the University for Software DevelopmentAwaiting Reply
  • HP (Hewlett Packard) applied through their website for Software Development – Awaiting Reply
  • GE (General Electric) applied through their website for Software EngineeringCompleted Online Assessment Waiting for Reply
  • Microsoft (as if you don’t know who they are) applied through their website for Software Development Completed Online Assessment waiting for Reply
  • Accenture applied via email through University for Software DevelopmentAwaiting Reply
  • HMRC (yup you know the ones) applied through contact at University as it isn’t online anywhere for Software Development Awaiting Reply


That’s all for now but I shall let you know how it goes they’re in the order that I remembered to write them down on my little list no other reason but I’ll keep you all up to date! Remember It’s best to contact me via social media than being potentially swept into the 100’s of spam posts on WordPress. Social media:

Instagram: Scottlivesonline

Facebook: Computer Forensics Page

Twitter: @Smcgothboy


  • Name: Scott Cowie
  • Age: 25
  • Studying: Computer Forensics BSc (Hons)
  • Hometown: Birtley, UK
  • Ambitions: I want to go far in the Computer Forensics Industry and help create a world with a safe computer environment for everyone.

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