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Scott Cowie | University of Sunderland

Computer Forensics BSc (Hons)

Boulevard: “A Night Like No Other”



So tonight I went to see a show at Boulevard in Newcastle as part of my works night out. For those that do not know, Boulevard is an upmarket (but incredibly fun/cheesy) drag show which consisted of cabaret performers, stand up comedy, and humour.  As it is approaching Christmas, it meant that the show had a Christmas theme with more tinsel and sparkle than normal!  boulevard


Although it was certainly different, and I had not been to anything like it before, there was something there for everyone from The Sound of Music to Sleeping Beauty. Each routine had costume changes, and the attention to detail was incredible! My favourite routine that they did was definitely the finale because there was snow, the performers dancing on the bar, and a technical glitch.  The technical glitch came at the best part, where Maleficent was meant to appear, but because of the glitch, it meant that we got to see more of the show, so it worked to our favour!

So if you’re looking a great night out, with lots of drinks, laughs and food, then Boulevard is definitely for you! To find out more and to book tickets, check out their website . If you do decide to go, then I would suggest to go VIP and have a seat, because after a long day at work, your feet are sure to hurt!


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  • Name: Scott Cowie
  • Age: 25
  • Studying: Computer Forensics BSc (Hons)
  • Hometown: Birtley, UK
  • Ambitions: I want to go far in the Computer Forensics Industry and help create a world with a safe computer environment for everyone.

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