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Scott Cowie | University of Sunderland

Computer Forensics BSc (Hons)

Student Checklist for both Computing and Non Computing Students!


Hey everyone this video guide shows the essentials and everyday things I tend to have with me when I’m at University, although the money thing is a myth you will likely be skint the entire time >.> but I do believe it’s quite a long video so here’s the shorter version for your convenience( likely not in the same order…oh well):

  1. Money – Totally optional as you will likely spend it all as soon as you get it.
  2. Travel pass if you were lucky enough to get your hands on one!
  3. Phone – Who doesn’t have a phone nowadays anyway? (Remember your charger…)
  4. Course guide if you were given one always full of useful information and tips to succeed! At least ours did anyway :p
  5. Folders – Keep your work organised so you know where to find your notes!
  6. Notepads – Pretty obvious but there are a lot of students who turn up without them and regret it… just because most of it is on Sunspace I wouldn’t rely on powerpoints alone there are often many things said in lectures that are invaluable and you could miss it!
  7. Essential to the first and all your student life…PENS!!!
  8. Mainly for computing students but a like, not having a backup of your work is not an excuse anymore so a hard-drive or USB flash drive is essential as your system storage is only 200MB it isn’t enough!
  9. Optional earphones… no one wants to hear your music except you >.<
  10. Stationary!!! Highlighters, staplers, more pens,calculator,pencils etc, you never know…
  11. For me personally the final one on this list is my Laptop although not necessary it’s always great to have your work on the move and do it where ever you want, it’s great for lecture notes and keeping you sane when your bored but it’s not essential … although it is to me:
My essential!

My essential!


Thanks for reading and don’t forget to say hello if you recognize me I’m always happy to help!

7 Responses to “Student Checklist for both Computing and Non Computing Students!”

  1. Chucks says:

    hello scott please i will like to know what it is like to study Msc commputing in university of sunderland. thanks awaiting your reply.

    • bg51ty says:

      Could you be more specific, the course in the first year is generally set out the same as the rest baring a 20 credit module we all take CET101 which lets you try a whole range of different subjects including multimedia, web development, c# programming, networking and a few more depending on your choices. It’s all great stuff i thoroughly enjoyed it all. And best part is if you find your better at a certain subject you can switch at the end of the year and you don’t miss out on anything. Let me know if there’s anything more specific you’d like to know. ^.^

  2. I like it when folks get together and share thoughts.
    Great website, keep it up!

  3. chucks says:

    hey mate, remember me? now studying in your school, i have been looking for you (to say hello) but i cant seem to find you? lol

    • bg51ty says:

      I might although I would need a picture lol. I usually hang around st peters I’m usually in the David Goldman Informatics Centre usually up in cell G on a Monday and Wednesday, Thursday I’m in but usually head to hover around city campus area waiting for my girlfriend.

      • chucks says:

        hahaha no option to upload pics here, alright i will be in Goldman tomorrow, ok as for picture i will like the picture of the horse eating grass in a wheel barrow on your facebook page.

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  • Name: Scott Cowie
  • Age: 25
  • Studying: Computer Forensics BSc (Hons)
  • Hometown: Birtley, UK
  • Ambitions: I want to go far in the Computer Forensics Industry and help create a world with a safe computer environment for everyone.

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