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August 3rd, 2011

Final Blog :-(

Sadly a year is up and my time with Lives Online has ended. I have just been looking through my old blogs and it’s crazy to see how much I have done in one year at the University of Sunderland. Through the three years I have made lots of new friends and had so many new experiences. It has taken me three years but I can finally cook!
When I started Lives Online, I thought I wanted to finish my degree and then go onto do a PGCE and teach but through a number of school placements, organised through the University of Sunderland I soon realised that this career wouldn’t have suited me. However from the scheme I realised that I loved working with secondary school students and with the help of the Universities Career’s and Employabilty service they guided me to the postgraduate open day where I found the careers guidance course, which I will be starting in September at Sunderland.

I want to Thank anyone who has read my blogs this year and I hope they have given you an insight into University life.

There will be new students taking part in Lives Online so be sure to follow them!

Good luck with Your university choices!

July 27th, 2011


Can’t believe I have graduated already! The three years have gone so quickly! It was a really lovely day. My family came up from Cornwall and Somerset to celebrate with me! It was quite nerve racking walking across the stage by yourself to shake the Chancellor and Vice Chancellors hand but it was also quite a proud moment to think about how much hard work I had put in to be there that day.

My time at Sunderland isn’t over yet though, I have just got on to a careers guidance course where I will be studying through both lectures and placements to become a careers advisor. I am looking forward to studying something  a bit different but it will also be great to practice the profession through placements.

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June 10th, 2011

End of an era

I have finally finished University. Now i just have the waiting game of seeing what grade I got! :-S It still hasn’t sank in that I have finished though. Feels so weird not having work to do. Although it’s great to be finished, it’s sad to know that everyone is now leaving and moving back home! I have made some great friends over the past three years and hopefully will keep in contact with many of them.

 As a reward for finishing I booked a holiday to Turkey for a week the day after my last hand in! It was definately what I needed and a great way to relax!

Now that it is summer, I am still going to stay up in Sunderland as I have a job working on the student helpline and in July I will be helping out with the summer school. I do miss home but it will be exciting doing different things!

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May 29th, 2011

Take That come to Sunderland!


I have loved Take that since I was a kid, so I was so excited when I heard they were coming to Sunderland and I was even more excited when I managed to get tickets for the opening night!

The staging was amazing. At the top there was the head of a robot and below was another robot crouched up. Through the show we slowly saw bits of it move and then finally it stood up at the end. It must have been at least 50ft tall!!

The show started off with Take That minus Robbie and they sang some of their songs that they did without him. Robbie then came on stage and sang a few of his solo songs such as ‘Rock Dj’ and ‘Angels’ It was so amazing to hear the whole stadium singing along.

Then finally they all came on together. There is so much effort and money that goes into the show that even if you didnt like their music, I think you would love the show!

I have included a few photos but I will put more on facebook, so take a look!

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May 22nd, 2011

Final few weeks! :-S

Sorry I haven’t written a blog since Africa but I have had about two deadlines each week at the moment! It’s been really stressful but also quite fun. I’m glad my course is also practical so some of the assesments don’t involve writing another essay!! Last week I finished making my radio drama. It was aimed at 5-7 year olds, which I thought would be easy to write but its a lot more difficult than you think. I have never done a radio module before but it was great fun to try something new and editing it was really fun. It was so rewarding to hear the final piece once it was all put together.
I have have 4 more days left now and still have two essays to do so the pressure isn’t quite off yet but I have booked a holiday for next Monday to give me something to work towards!! 🙂
Late nights are popular in the library at the moment; everyone with their energy drinks and looking like they have had no sleep but hopefully it will all be worth it!
Got my dissertation back yesterday and got 68% which is a 2:1 so really chuffed! Hopefully I can keep getting marks like that!
Well I better get on and finish these essays but I will definately be posting some videos of the celebrations after!!

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April 27th, 2011

Lesotho, Africa – Drama trip


For the last three weeks I have been in Lesotho in Southern Africa, teaching drama to primary, secondary and university students. This was part of a module called ‘Applied Theatre’ which involves bringing drama techniques to the community.

For the practical assessment part of the course, we were offered the chance to go to Lesotho and of course this was an opportunity I couldn’t miss out on. At times it was quite challenging and emotional to hear some of their stories but I think its fair to say that the work we did was not only beneficial for the students but us as well. It was so interesting to get an insight into another culture and we learnt so much from them.

If you are interested in studying Drama at the University of Sunderland then definately look out for this module. However it isn’t just Drama that offer trips away, so check with your course leader to see if they do offer any chances of going abroad!

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