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BSc (Hons) Psychology

Things I’ve learnt while being on my work placement

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

This month passed by extremely quickly. I’ve realised that I’m very happy with my life right now career and experience wise. I’ve done a lot and I know I could do even so much more.

london oxford street

I just thought to make a list of things (I love doing lists!) what I’ve learnt from my own experience:

*Keep yourself busy all the time. Each day has 24 hours  you can use and benefit from that. Want something? Just don’t be lazy, go and get it!

*Never let anyone down. And if there’s no way not to – apologize and be honest. You might no longer look like the very best person, but at least you won’t lose respect.

*Just be nice to people and they’ll be nice to you too.

*Are you curious about something? Curious what was the first paid job deputy editor or fashion director had or what their dream job is? Just ask. There’s no better way to find out something that might be really useful and interesting to hear. Feed your curiosity.

* If there’s nothing for you to do at work, don’t just act and fool yourself and others around you as if you’re working on something important and you are busy. They’ll know you aren’t. If you are bored – when don’t be afraid to show that you’re bored and you might get something much more important to do.

*Be daring, be different. And if someone tells you : “You can’t be a writer, you don’t even look like one! Writers are those who wear long grey cardigans and they look boring..”  – prove them wrong!

*If you want a cuppa don’t just go and get one. Because it’s London, everything’s here so expensive, not student-friendly at all and believe me it won’t take longer than 5mins till someone catches you on the street, wants to speak to you and wants to drink coffee with you. Proved to be true so many times that I lost the number of cups of tea and coffee I had free of charge.


Weekends in London – photoshoots & interviews

Monday, March 25th, 2013

For those of you who are aware that I’m in my last year, should have an idea that I have plenty of work to do for my final year practical project. For many other degrees it’s all about writing a dissertation – a much longer essay that’s how I call it. But for my course, instead of dissertation, we have to produce a magazine or a website all by ourselves.

Of course, I can commission some stuff, but the thing with me is, the more heart I put into it, the more this magazine feels like it’s gonna be purely mine, written, produced, designed, organised all by myself (to be involved even more I modelled for some shoots myself too). I guess for many of you it sounds interesting, way better than writing a dissertation but I must add that it’s much harder too.

It requires creativity. You just can’t copy and paste something from any other magazine.  It has to be something truly yours. This is why earlier last semester we had to present, kind of “sell” our original idea, pitch the absolutely new magazine, something what is not in market yet and make them believe in your idea. Prove why this magazine and why now is it needed. (I blogged about it earlier you can read about my pitch here).

Apart from usefulness, castings/jobs/opportunities pages for creatives in the industry such as models, photographers, designers, stylists etc, high-quality photography and inspirational interviews are very very important in my magazine.

So basically during the week I organise, contact up&coming designers, makeup artists, models and photographers and in the weekend  time-taking but at the same time enjoyable creative process begins. Here’s some imagery and short setting up the studio video clip to visualise it all: (have a good look into the last picture – can you see how massive that lollipop is!?)



Video diary about my magazine work placement 2

Sunday, March 24th, 2013

In this video blog I’m telling about my media ethics essay and what thoughts I have so far on my magazine work placement that helped me to make myself sure what I really wanna do

Work experience: “aka” The Devil Wears Prada?

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

I’m sure there’s something about a word ‘magazine’; perhaps about the way it sounds and creative process it involves putting every single page after page as well as responsibility that goes together with it, what makes me so excited about it. Ever since I found out I’ll have a chance to intern for one of magazines that fits into my ideals and inspirations, Wonderland magazine – I counted months & days, because I knew it will be something different, something new.

And here I am,  fully ready and truly dedicated to do whatever is asked from me. How does it feels?

The Devil Wears Prada  movie could be a good, although slightly exaggerated suggestion of what I actually do and how I feel being an intern in fashion magazine. Everyone in Wonderland magazine team is friendly and supportive. Ruthless and cynical Miranda Priestly’s character is far from reality, but it is true that we do every single tiny job what is needed at that time and  the movie does ring a bell at times a bit. Do not expect something big to happen just yet – you’re only learning at this stage.

Reality is that a lot of the time it is my responsibility to organise, return and/or collect designer clothes from PR companies or from the other stores and you’re lucky if from your very first days being there you got a chance to do something more exciting. (On my very first day I was asked by deputy editor to help him out writing a script from the telephone interview he has recorded recently – wooohoo & thumbs up for that!) There was nothing so far I didn’t expect I’ll be doing – that is so because I knew where I’m going and what gonna happen and I’m taking every single job as an important experience and stay longer hours if needed.

My very  first week in London was extremely busy, first week as an intern in such a big city felt very tiring – so many people in the tube, in the streets, everywhere; everybody is in the extreme hurry all the time. Thus, up till now there was no such day when I could sleep long hours and do nothing all day – there’s always something happening. I get up early every single day (including even weekend! but I’ll tell more about what I’ve been up to later) and I come back home late in the evening everyday.

Some people call it a small job that leads you nowhere – I call it experience. You are one step higher from those who haven’t done it.

I let the pictures speak for themselves.

Moments from my first week:

Student Profile:

  • Name: Raminta Paukstyte
  • Age: 20
  • Studying: Fashion Journalism BA (Hons)
  • Hometown: Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Ambitions: To gain professional knowledge and experience needed for establishing a business in the fashion industry and that my work would be valued.

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