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BSc (Hons) Psychology

Fashion Journalism student video diary (January)

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

This is my January video diary update ! 🙂 if video is not loading or you want to watch it in high quality, just press here

Going out in Sunderland

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

I think it’s important for a student to become financially independent, and part-time job is a great tool for that.  I work part-time at the bar in Sunderland city centre and together with Ttonic bar staff we were having a Christmas party earlier this week.

It was quite late to celebrate Christmas now but we had this date arranged in advance. The second floor of Revolution was reserved for our evening.  Everyone who goes to Revolution knows that it’s the best place to go for cocktails. Free cocktails, shots, other drinks and food guaranteed that everyone around will get at least a little drunk so that was fun! One more time I’ve realised how easily I get used to work, since I’m to graduate this summer, so it will be hard to leave them all. Such a nice bunch of people!

I have filmed some video clips but I just thought it would be a little too embarrassing to post it here, (we were dancing and laughing and really having fun!!!) so here’s series of pictures instead from our good night :


What are the main qualities that help to get into fashion journalism? (Audio Slideshow)

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013


Editor of Fabulous magazine, Rachel Richardson shares her advise on how to get into fashion journalism

How to get into fashion journalism

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

Career in fashion journalism is not all easy glamour – it can often mean a hard slog. Together with the Fashion Journalism group we went to an exclusively for us organised masterclass with fashion writers and editors.

The masterclass took place in the early November at the University of Sunderland Campus, based in Canary Wharf, London. The inspirational guest speakers included: Rachel Richardson – Editor of Fabulous magazine, Hannah Almassi – Deputy Fashion News and Features editor at Grazia, freelance journalist Hattie Crisell with loads of different experience in her portfolio and Louise Gannon, a showbiz journalist, who writes mostly for Grazia and Elle.

Since not everyone has a legendary Vogue editor Anna Wintour in his or her family to open the door to a career in fashion, I found this masterclass extremely inspirational and useful in terms of how to get into fashion journalism. Guest speakers shared their own experiences how they got to where they are now and talked through qualities that fashion editors look for.

Varied work experience was the key in Rachel’s and Hattie’s careers. Hattie did a degree in Philosophy and she admits it didn’t help her much, when she has realised she wanted to be a fashion writer. It was through internships how she have collected journalism experience. Similarly, work experience played an important role in Rachel’s career too. “I had really a lot of experience under my belt … and that really stood me in a good step.”

Fabulous editor Rachel also told us what qualities she is looking for, when employing someone. The most interesting part was, when she admitted she would definitely employ people with much less experience than others, if “they come in on time, they are enthusiastic, they got that “can do” attitude, when you just know that asking them to do something that is completely out with the job description” it’s still wouldn’t be a problem.“If there’s something absolutely needed at that time, when you absolutely do it”, she explained.

Louise Gannon’s given examples were just brilliant and really gave a great insight what does it take to be a real life’s fashion and showbiz journalist. She shared with us some very exclusive information, including her recent interview and photoshoot with Justin Bieber, highlighting how important is to work as a team and be prepared for anything to happen.“It’s a really very very interesting life because it’s never boring.” Her tips included “Don’t just read Grazia, don’t just read fashion magazines. Read the news in newspapers, read the business pages”.

Even though fashion journalism might sound a perfect career path for many young girls, experienced professionals in the field admit that it does involve many efforts, hard work and experience.

From the left: Hannah Almassi, Louise Gannon, Hattie Crisell and Rachel Richardson

From the left: Hannah Almassi, Louise Gannon, Hattie Crisell and Rachel Richardson


More tips on how to get into fashion journalism:

  • Get as much experience as possible
  • Ask for advice and keep learning
  • Learn from people who inspire you
  • Be prepared for rejection
  • Be nice to everyone
  • Read a variety of different things
  • Know who your favourite writers are
  • Have a “can-do” attitude
  • Be curious about your subject and see things differently
  • Be prepared to organise your life around your career
  • Make a statement during an interview but be yourself
  • Work as a team
  • “This is what I do. I just write about this” – will not get you very far
  • Be smiley, positive and enthusiastic. Always!
  • Look presentable
  • Everyone you know is a contact – keep in touch with them
  • Accept that you will make mistakes, but you will never make them again
  • Remember if you really want it badly enough – you will get it

January activities: finishing up the assignments

Sunday, January 6th, 2013

Journalism is a subject that involves loads of writing. I’m only coming back to Uni at the end of this month, but don’t get me wrong – that doesn’t mean I can be lying in bed and do nothing whole day this month. I nearly regret continuing my swimming pool membership – can hardly find time to go..:(

Only 3 modules but that altogether bring up to 10 deadlines, (some of them due to submit the upcoming Thursday, and the second half of it the week after) plus Sparks magazine fashion editor’s duties and articles on top of that. Oh, yeah, and I’m also continuously working at the bar at nights.

And believe me, you don’t wanna know what my assignments are all about since you would never like to study Journalism if I tell you. I’ll have to tell you in person next time I do a video blog, so that you would hear it out loud and that would sound really scary!

Basically, that’s  a lot of work, but if you enjoy it, (the final result of work you’ve produced)  it’s worth it.

I’ve left quite a few assignments for January  (my mistake, don’t ever do that, do as much as possible in advance!) so in

order to get them done on time, I write.. Just write…. (Lana’s del Rey intonation aka “I ride… Just ride”)

And I leave you with a picture of legendary Grace Coddington…

This image is on the cover of ID magazine that I’m reading apparently. A very positive picture – just spot on!  Wish me luck..This is what I need. 🙂






Student Profile:

  • Name: Raminta Paukstyte
  • Age: 20
  • Studying: Fashion Journalism BA (Hons)
  • Hometown: Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Ambitions: To gain professional knowledge and experience needed for establishing a business in the fashion industry and that my work would be valued.

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