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BSc (Hons) Psychology

Life Changing University of Sunderland Experience (video)

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

Here’s a result of mine and my friend’s Jamie work from yesterday.

( if a video doesn’t play, just press here.  )

I was really pleased with the final result and hope you’ll like it too!

“Sunderland was my first choice of University and after two years and a half living and studying here I can say, it feel just right.

When I first came here, I remember, I was scared. This is that kind of fear what looking back i’d have expected from 18-year-old-self. I went long far distances trying to achieve my own goals. And now I can say I did.

It was here, at the University of Sunderland where I’ve got so needed skills and understood the importance of taking the most out of my degree. I’ve opened my eyes and saw ‘the Opportunity’ and not one – many. This is where I’ve changed and developed as a person so much, got a chance to express my creative nature and where I’ve finally decided what I really want to do in my life.

I know that all big decisions that we make in life are not random, they are meaningful. I know for sure that it won’t only be the University where I’ve got my degree from, it will always be with me, as it holds a special place in my heart” 



The Open Day at the University of Sunderland

Sunday, November 25th, 2012

Me and two other Lives Online bloggers, Kylie and Jamie went to the Open Day yesterday in St Peters Campus.

That was my very first time I’ve attended one, promoting Lives Online and wearing Lives Online T-shirt.

I enjoyed this experience and even though I had only 3 hours of sleep the night before, (I worked until 3am, then we had staff bottles and then I came home, my roommate didn’t let me sleep) I  felt quite enthusiastic about it, actually a lot more enthusiastic than the boys were, and so I talked to some people hoping some of prospective students  will find it very useful to follow our blogs before they make big important decisions.




Focusing on your specialism whatever career path you choose

Monday, November 19th, 2012

I had my weekly Multiplatform Magazines seminar and workshop this afternoon and our attention was focused on developing our specialism whatever it is (music, fashion, sport, science, etc.) both:  through Multimedia Package project and in general. I found it dead easy but really useful myself and so I just thought it would be nice to share it with you, my blog readers.

First, we played one kind of creative game in groups. Each group had a piece of paper with their resource (either tools, knowledge, skills or network) on a wall and we wrote our  ideas, thoughts and plans on stickers how to prepare for our career, thinking from that particular angle, what do we need to have or achieve before applying for a particular job. That task helped us to  develop our own expertise and narrow our “dream specialism” whatever it is, identifying our own strengths and things we lack.

Later, it became much more personal. We were given a piece of paper where was a table we had to fill in:

           Tools               Knowledge               Skills       Networks     Other


When looking to this table I was thinking about my own specific specialism, (fashion and creative industries/acting) realistically measuring what I have so far and what I know (I’ve realised that quite much actually!) and where I still need to improve a little (probably reading more fashion history books, other kind of influential material online and books of Vadim Zeeland  for example  (if you’ve never heard of him – have a look, stuff he wrote is just awesome and drives me insane at some point. Not even kidding!) and different styles of writing magazines, professional representation online, even more contacts etc)

What I really like about it,  is that  everyone can use this technique.

It’s as simple as that: assess what you have, know, take a note what you need. Schedule what you’ll do about it this week, what you’ll do about it this month. Repeat it regularly… And it works!! 

Things I did and learnt during reading week

Sunday, November 18th, 2012

Some weeks come and go very fast – I didn’t imagine how productive I can actually be. I felt it might be a nice break and I was right.

I spend much time doing a research for my practical project – a fashion magazine dedicated to creatives; such as models, photographers, stylists, artists and etc, and this is why the audience I was sending my questionnaire to was extremely limited.  Thus, people working in creative industries usually are very busy, they do not reply often. That made my hard work even harder but I didn’t surrender and at the end of the week received a great amount of quality responses.

I worked on my first essay this year, for Multiplatform Magazines module. The deadline is sometime in the beginning of January, but we were told to submit our first draft just after the reading week. Basically, who fails to do it, they’ll fail – how scary is that?? So I spend few days and nights in the library and I worked at the bar on Friday and Saturday night as usual.

Apart from that, I’ve also updated my LinkedIn profile (it took me a while to play around with it and now I know how I can take the most out of it), Lives Online blog, twitter and online portfolio. I was also contacted by Ravi Famous  online clothing store and they’ve  promised to send me a dress free of charge, what they actually did, the dress is really lovely! So that I could review their clothes, blog about them in my blog, help with some advise for promotion. Their prices are really very reasonable and students get 20% off – that is great too!

I also met some friends, went for a meal couple of times. I even found time to go to the gym nearly on a daily basis, I did some shopping yesterday (it’s so Christmassy wherever you go here in Sunderland, although it’s not even December!:o) I went to weekly buddhist meditation class once,  had an appointment in Ace salon and I have a tattoo now (It’s quite small, in a quite intimate place where nearly no one else can see and it holds a special meaning for me, this is why it’d be a little bit too personal to share a picture here but I really like it.)

My week in pictures:

Video Blog: Fashion Journalism Practical Projects

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012


In this video blog I’m telling some stories-glories about my individual practical projects I have this year:D


In my way home from St Peters Campus Video

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

It’s dark, it’s cold but beautiful still. This is why I thought it would be nice to capture it.

Going home from St Peters Campus, University of Sunderland


Fashion Journalism trip to London

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

Together with Fashion Journalism group we’re going to London on Friday, the 2nd November.There’s a masterclass/conference  awaiting for us with fashion editors and writers.

We’re meeting Rachel Richardson – who is an editor of Fabulous magazine, Hannah Almassi -Deputy Fashion News and Features editor at Grazia, Hattie Crisell –  freelance journalist who has worked for many projects and companies, Louise Gannon – a showbiz journalist who writes mostly for Elle and Grazia.

I hope and I’m sure that it will be not only useful, inspirational but plus it could be also seen as a great chance to make wonderful contacts.

We even have a chance to stay in London for the weekend – return train ticket makes me so sooo flexible and I’m going to take this chance as a possibility to meet with some people I want to interview for my  final university project – a magazine dedicated to creatives.

Talk to you all and share some new & exciting stuff next week!



Movers & Shakers networking event and Halloween fun!

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

Doing 3rd Year of Fashion Journalism at the University of Sunderland, (similarly to any other degree when you’re in your last year as I can imagine??)  means there are always so many things and events where you can be involved in and there’s no excuse really not to go!

That was Tuesday, the 30th, when there was a Movers&Shakers networking event exclusively for 3rd year and MA Media and Journalism students. It took place at the Quayside Exchange venue, Sunderland.

It was fun to speak with experienced journalists who all were very friendly and talkative. They were willing to tell about their experiences and gave advises face to face, what was really nice. Apart from getting a chance to meet professionals in the area, getting some business cards, it was fun to have some free food and drinks. (me and my course mate got a full bottle of red wine to share).

And we had Halloween this week, this is why I got some extra shifts to work at the bar. Seeing and serving so many drunk and at the same time happy faces – that was honestly I-N-S-A-N-E!! We had fun on Wednesday, because we had to wear some really fun outfits at work, so it felt nearly like a proper night-out! I guess this is where me, a fashion student, has to mention what I was wearing. I was kind of  in the role of “karmen” wearing an extravagant red dress, which was really short, as I got from the children section, but alright still.




Student Profile:

  • Name: Raminta Paukstyte
  • Age: 20
  • Studying: Fashion Journalism BA (Hons)
  • Hometown: Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Ambitions: To gain professional knowledge and experience needed for establishing a business in the fashion industry and that my work would be valued.

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