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Raminta Paukstyte | University of Sunderland

Fashion Journalism (BA Hons)

Student Profile:

  • Name: Raminta Paukstyte
  • Age: 20
  • Studying: Fashion Journalism BA (Hons)
  • Hometown: Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Ambitions: To gain professional knowledge and experience needed for establishing a business in the fashion industry and that my work would be valued.

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July 31st, 2013

The last goodbye

I think this one minute long video clip me and Jamie created reflects how I feel about leaving the university and the city the most. That’s the reason I decided to share it again. Goodbye, Sunderland, I’ll miss you!!

July 25th, 2013

Things I miss about Sunderland..

1. THE MURRAY LIBRARY. There was something I really liked about it – perhaps especially when I needed it the most during my first and second year it was always there for me. The spacious, cozy library open 24 hours/ 7 days per week how cool is that?? Even though in my last year I lived much closer to St Peters library and spend so much more hours studying in my bed instead of going out- I felt just so much more sentiments for that one – not a surprise because that’s a place where I fell in love!!

2. CLOTHES SHOPPING. Even though I’m a fashion journalism student, I’m not really that obsessed with clothes shopping – I buy something if I know for sure I will really wear it. Especially in my last year at Uni I didn’t have much space in my shared wardrobe and I knew I’m going home for good soon – each time I went home I remember taking some clothes with me that I didn’t need. Basically that was two reasons to think twice before getting something new. Anyway, coming back to the point, Sunderland has those most popular High street shops like Topshop, River Island, SportsDirect, H&M, Miss Selfridge, massive Primark (Can you believe we don’t have any of these in Lithuania, apart from H&M that is to open sometime in August!) as well as several vintage/ charity shops.  And the fact that everything is so nearby – THE BRIDGES SHOPPING CENTRE is located in the heart of city centre so it safes so much of your time! I even miss online shopping – it’s so convenient to get things online when you live in UK – everything arrives very quickly and you get a student discount.

3. LIVESONLINE BLOGGING EXPERIENCE. I truly believe that blogging was an extremely important task, since it might have inspired or helped prospective students to decide where and what should they do in their lifes – it’s nearly being involved in what their future will be like! It was a pleasure to answer all those questions that freshers asked me on Facebook in Lithuanian, because I knew how they felt – it’s like they knew nothing and were scared of something they didn’t know… Of course, because of personal reasons there were many times it was difficult, it required loads of efforts to run away from my own problems and just to focus on being a good blogger  and I’m sure it went well.

4. PEOPLE AND UNIVERSITY. During the last three years I met so many different people. I’m happy to remember all those conversations, smiles and tears we’ve all experienced together. I’ve realized that some people you meet come and go, while others stay. There are some important people, you want them to stay but sometimes they won’t.  I’m really grateful that during my last days spent in Sunderland I managed to meet with some people I wanted to meet and say goodbye to the most. My last evening was spend with one special classmate. After a pretty long pause of hardly talking, we finally met and had a good time.  I’m glad we did! It’s funny when you think about it;  people I met and became really close with came from different cultures and who knows I might never see them again. Recently I’ve got a text message from my Korean friend saying: “Maybe we will meet at my or your wedding ceremony. lol” That just simply made my day! 😀



June 17th, 2013

Video montage about my hometown Vilnius

In this video blog I’m introducing you to my hometown Vilnius

Hope you’ll like it!

don’t forget to change quality setting for a little bit better view :]

June 5th, 2013

Lana Del Rey came to Vilnius

I remember when I first heard that Lana Del Rey is coming to Lithuania this summer, I could not believe it. It wasn’t until my mother purchased tickets for us in advance that made me realise it is really going to happen and that she is actually coming!

I was really excited to see her soon after I was completely done with uni because listening to her songs all the time on repeat and knowing all of the words by heart was no longer enough. There’s such an incredible feeling to hear something that you can relato to.

My favourite singer  came to perform to my hometown Vilnius yesterday. Being there and seeing her performing live was amazing; it felt inspiring. I treated it like a present for the end of University year. The arena was absolutely packed but I was lucky to stand at the very front in the middle, so I filmed quite a few songs she sang that I like.

May 31st, 2013

End of term :)

Hi everyone,

I haven’t been blogging for a while, I had such a crazy time. My last days spend at uni were extremely busy: I’ve submitted my very last ever university assignments, including my dissertation magazine. And as you can see I’m really happy about it, (not including all the stress and hard work it costed me but more on that later). I have also worked at the bar for the very last time during Bank holiday weekend and that was a time when I had my last shift ever and said goodbye to everyone. That was emotional.. My last days in Sunderland are over. I’m back home.  It feels strange now to feel all grown up and be absolutely free out of everything. To be free and to do anything what I want to do. I think, now it is a good time to live my dream life.

My Dissertation magazine is out! more info:


May 14th, 2013

May video update: my last fashion journalism assignments ever


In this video blog I was just thinking of telling you about my last projects and other assignments I”ve been and still am working on this month. And yes – I’m alive still!!

May 11th, 2013

Fashion shoot on the Roker beach

As promised, here’s a video of very last Reverie magazine fashion shoot “backstage style”

I included several images too 🙂



May 9th, 2013

Backstage from very last shoot for my mag!

beach v

Shooting at the Roker beach, Sunderland

That was such pleasant weather in the beginning of this week and so a great time for my very last shoot for my dissertation magazine! Images looking good.Can’t wait finishing designing those fashion pages and show it to you all. I’ll soon post  backstage video and new video diary blog once I’m back from now extremely sunny Lithuania.

Watch out this place!