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Natasha Kam

BSc (Hons) Psychology

Pre-Reg Central

Thursday, August 21st, 2014

Dear fellow pre-regs out there, Don’t forget to subscribe the pre-reg central channel on Youtube as they have some useful guides on the pre-reg training year.

Pre-Reg Pharmacist Useful Links

Thursday, August 21st, 2014

Useful links for pre-reg trainees:


1. (For professional indemnity) Pharmacist Defense Association:


2. GPhC:


3. Pre-Reg Central:


4. Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education: 


5. Pharmaceutical Journal:


6. Royal Pharmaceutical Society:


7. Chemist and Druggist:


8. NHS Prescription Services:


9. Commonwealth Pharmacists Association:


10. Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee:



download (1) download (5) download (2) download

Good luck guys!


Natasha X

Start of Pre-Reg Training

Sunday, August 10th, 2014

Happy Sunday everyone! I’m soo excited to write about my first week of pre-reg training at Avenue Pharmacy! First of all, my work hours vary each week so for my first week, I’ve worked on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 9 to 7pm. However next week, I will be working on all weekdays from 9 to 6pm. So for those who don’t already know, the pre-reg year is a 52-weeks of  pharmacy training (some students have chosen hospitals, industry or community like me) to prepare us to become licensed pharmacist. There are 4-5 progress checks for us throughout the year to ensure that we are “fit” enough to take the 2 pre-reg exams (open and closed book). There are only 3 attempts for this exam so if one fails 3 times, we will not be able to get our license to practise as pharmacists. :/

Back to my training, it’s been so much fun and eye-opening finally getting to do the stuff that I’ve previously studied about for the last 4 years at uni! I’m really proud to say that studying the MPharm program at University of Sunderland has prepared me so well that I’ve been able to comfortably interact and answer simple queries from patients, clinical questions from my tutor and pharmacists in-charge as well as competently conducting my duties as a pre-reg pharmacist.

So far, I have been collecting prescriptions, assembling, labeling and dispensing medications at an acceptable pace (need to be more familiar with the systems and positions of the medications around) 😛 , preparing dosette boxes for patients who have difficulty especially remembering things/mental conditions for patient compliance, prepare and supervise patients with controlled drug (CD) like methadone, buprenorphine as well as managing the CD records (schedule 2 drug classifications). Other things I’ve been doing are rearranging incoming stocks onto their respective shelf corners, dealing with patients over-the-counter and cashiering. I am also learning how to endorse prescriptions and to be familiar with the OTC price calculations etc.

My study breaks are normally on the weekends where I will get an hour or two off and hibernate in the consultation room to go through the BNF, finish up the SOP (standard operating procedures of the pharmacy) and to write up my progress reports. My pre-reg tutor has been so very helpful and I’ve gained so much knowledge after just FOUR days at the pharmacy! The pharmacy technicians and staffs are also extremely lovely and friendly- I’m so lucky to have these people around working with me. Hopefully, I will be more than prepared before the pre-reg exams next June. To all pre-reg pharmacists out there, all the best and enjoy your training, it won’t be long until we become licensed pharmacists!


Avenue Pharmacy, Sunderland (New 100 hour pharmacy)

100 hour pharmacy which means that it's open 365 days 100 hours per week!

100 hour pharmacy which means that it’s open 365 days 100 hours per week!


My trays are filled 🙂


Ready for checking by the pharmacist


Lunch break!


Home-cooked noodle soup


Reference sources to start with- Getting to know the drug tariff and revise MEP


Can’t wait for my FREE copies of the BNF and BNF for children in October from RPS
(The bibles for pharmacists)


Belated graduation bear gift from my beloved boyfriend <3

PS: I will be visiting the Prescription pricing division (PPD) office, training at hospice care and attending a smoking cessation course soon. Excited much!!!

Pre-Registration Pharmacist Experiences

Sunday, August 3rd, 2014

Happy Sunday readers. Recently, I have been in contact with my colleagues from UoS and just so you know, we are all scattered around the whole of England and only a few of us are remaining in Sunderland for the pre-reg training. So some of us have already started training 2-3 weeks ago, while others (like me) will only start next week. I’ve asked them to describe their pre-reg experiences so far in one sentence, so read on to see what they have to say.:)

Tech (large)


“So far I have done dispensing, dosette boxes and managing medication charts for care homes. I will soon be trained for weight loss and smoking cessation clinics.” – Michelle Ong


Going into pre-reg training/full time work is tiring and you’re given greater responsibilities, but fun-filled & satisfying at the same time knowing that you’re helping someone everyday + get paid doing that!” – Yvonne Yap


My 1st week has been tiring ! There’s a lot of work doing pre-reg with Lloyds Pharmacy but I can see it’ll be exciting. I’ve been reading the SOPs, dispensing medicines and using my 2.5 hour study time to get familiar with the learning & development site designed for pre-regs.” – Panagiota Ilia


Basically, I have been shadowing my senior pre-reg pharmacist & I am learning  all from scratch.” – Kelvin Chang


I love it! Everyone’s really nice & helpful. I feel like I’m learning a lot already. What I’ve been doing is recapping GI OTC + BNF stuff as well as helping in the dispensary and serving. I’ve put up dosette boxes, learned the pharmacy routine & done varying shifts to cover each minute of a 100 hour pharmacy day. Plus, I’ve made a lot of new friends!” – Amy Johnson


Quite tiring because there’s information overload! However, I have learnt so much and gaining experience already. ” – Benedict Lim


It is truly an eye opening experience where I can actually put my 4 years of academic knowledge  into practice. Never a dull moment since I started pre-reg. Although lesson number 1 is: INVEST IN A PAIR OF COMFORTABLE SHOES!” – Sue Yi


To me, speed & accuracy is essential working in the community pharmacy as there’ll be loads of prescriptions coming in! I have to make sure that everything is in a perfect manner. Clinical and legal issues of a prescription is normally not a problem as the computer system detects errors. I’ve been doing almost everything, from dispensing, collecting prescriptions, doing dosette boxes, rearranging stock supplies to OTC and electronic transfer of prescriptions.” – Soon Siang


I have just started my first week of the pre-reg training and I have been involved with dispensing of medication and arranging stock supplies.” – Melody Cheong


Very busy! Too much to learn in a short period of time. I’m responsible for all care home medications, chasing up prescriptions from surgery, loads of paper work, dispensing, preparing dosette boxes to be sent out by the driver. I hope to be able to settle down as soon as possible.” – Feliz Lee


A new challenging and exciting chapter of my life has just begun. Basically, I shadowed staffs and pharmacist, finding out how things work in the pharmacy, be involved with dispensing, receiving and placing stocks onto the shelves, delivery services, collect prescriptions from surgery and sorting them out at the end of the day. I’m also involved with the minor ailment scheme like blood pressure checks. It’s been really good so far & I’d like to wish all pre-regs out there good luck and to everyone who is half way through the MPharm course!” – Darnish Kaur


Well said everybody! Thank you once again for sharing your views & all the best! Guess this pretty much sums up the start of a pre-reg community pharmacist life. Please look me up on: if you’d like to share your pre-reg experiences. As you all know, this will be my last month blogging for UoS so I’ll be signing off soon & the next batch of lives online bloggers will be selected in no time. Cheers! <3

  • Name: Natasha Kam
  • Age: 23
  • Studying: Pharmacy MPharm
  • Hometown: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Ambitions: I would love to set up my own pharmaceutical company.

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