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Archive for December, 2013

Natasha Kam

BSc (Hons) Psychology

Last Update in Sunderland

Monday, December 16th, 2013

HElloo! Hope everyone’s enjoying the hols so far. I’ve got friends who’ve already gone on holidays in Europe, Canada, Taiwan and all around the world & some have gone back home to Malaysia to spend time with their loved ones. 🙂 As for me, I am all set to go off to eastern Europe in a few hours for Christmas and New Year (Feeling extremely eXciTed)!!!! Was asked to make a video on my favourite christmas gift and my usual Xmas tradition back home. So please watch my video and scroll down to check out my pictures to find out how I celebrated the last week of uni with my friends in Sunderland. Blessed Xmas Ho ho ho ..!




Celebrated my friends’ birthdays in Luciano (Italian restaurant)


Gifts all set for distribution
(lipbalms: from Bodyshop; Xmas Sock and ribbons: Poundland)


My little minion’s birthday at Luciano


Went swimming with my lady-boss friend at Sunderland Aquatic Centre (Was freeezing cold)


Last few meals with my lovelies at St. Sushi, NC and Xmas DInner at Toby Carvery, Barnes Park


Spent yesterday at St Peter’s church and City Life church


Xmas cards and gifts from everyone


Amazing home-cooked Romanian lunch at one of my church member’s house




Carrot cake and sponge cake for dessert


Johnny Cupcakes available inside Bridges


Last meal of this year in Cooper Rose, Sunderland

IMG_1995 IMG_1988

UK Vlog

Sunday, December 8th, 2013

Hello Readers!

I figured it’ll be easier for you to watch my videos about me explaining how different it is living in the UK compared to my home in Malaysia. Here’re Parts 1 and 2- Enjoy!



Shout-out of the Month: Joanne Charlton

Sunday, December 8th, 2013

Hello everyone! Here’s Joanne Charlton who’d just graduated from UoS and she’s now doing her pre-reg training at Boots Pharmacy, Morpeth. See what she has to say about her experiences in Boots!


1. What is it like working as a pre-reg pharmacist?

I enjoy working as a pre registration pharmacist but it is a very busy year. There are a number of different things to do including stuff for the company and also stuff for the GPhC as well as the written work there is a lot to learn whilst working and dealing with customers. Dealing with customers and on the job learning is the most enjoyable part for me.


2. What experiences have you had in the pharmacy setting prior to pre-reg?

I have had about 8 years experience in pharmacy before doing my pre-reg training. I first started working within pharmacy when I was just 16 and worked as Saturday staff. I then progressed to taking a full time dispensing assistant job before deciding to go to Sunderland University to do my degree. During my degree I continued to work during the holidays and done summer placements which helped me secure my pre-reg place. All the experience has helped to develop and have confidence when starting my pre-reg training.


3. Why did you choose to work in the community setting?

After my previous experience in a community setting I knew that I enjoyed the environment and especially the patient contact. I felt that it would suit my personality and I like forming a rapport with regular customers.


4. What is your daily routine like?

Every day within the pharmacy is slightly different to every other due to different patients and patient queries. Some days I spend a large amount of my time on the healthcare counter supplying information and products to help patients either by sale or referral for pharmacy first. Other days I spend my time in the dispensary doing the collection prescriptions, walk in prescriptions and medication dose boxes for patients. I have also recently started getting involved with some of the organisation of the pharmacy and accompanying the pharmacist on home visit MURs and looking at some of the management roles.


5. What are the challenges working in the community pharmacy?

The main challenges that affect me whilst working in community pharmacy are time, management and organisation. There are a number of different jobs to do in the pharmacy and it is important to prioritise which work needs doing first.


6. Plans for the future?

 My plan for the future is to remain in community pharmacy, hopefully with the company I am currently working for. I would hope to do this as a relief pharmacist and build up my confidence before taking on a role that would involve being a store based pharmacist.


7. How is working life different from being a student?

Even though I knew working life was different to student life I didn’t realise how different until I was in full swing going to work full time. The main difference is the feeling of never having spare time like you do as a student. This also makes the work load harder due to being tired after finishing an 8 hour shift on your feet all day.


8. What do you miss most from being a student?

One of the main things I miss about being a student is socialising with friends both out of university but also at the clubs and societies such as dance.


9. Advice for future pre-reg pharmacists?

Get as much work experience as you can before starting your pre registration year and learn the basics about how the pharmacy runs first.


Gorgeous Joanne Charlton


Hello December

Saturday, December 7th, 2013






Yay! It’s my favourite time of the year! In less than 2 weeks, I will be flying to Eastern Europe and I am soo excited! Heard it’s going to be FIVE times COLDER than Sunderland- I’ve already bought up my gears, coats and boots! For those who are staying back in Sunderland for Christmas and New Year’s, don’t worry as there will be many activities for you to take part in: Cinderella Show in Sunderland Empire Theater, Figure Painting, Festive Fusing in National Glass Centre, Santa’s Grotto at Museum & Winter Gardens and loads more! Head to Bridges for more information. Also, Bridges is open up till 8pm from 9th-13th Dec and up till 9pm from 16th – 20th Dec.

If you’re keen for more updates over this Christmas, please check out my facebook page for more information! 🙂


Spotted the Coca-Cola truck at Bridges

Spotted the Coca-Cola truck at Bridges




  • Name: Natasha Kam
  • Age: 23
  • Studying: Pharmacy MPharm
  • Hometown: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Ambitions: I would love to set up my own pharmaceutical company.

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