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Archive for November, 2013

Natasha Kam

BSc (Hons) Psychology

Alcohol Awareness Week

Thursday, November 28th, 2013

Last week was Alcohol Awareness Week and I’ve met up with some of Boots Pharmacy pre-reg pharmacists at City Space. They were all very friendly and they had games like beer pong, interesting quizzes and fun facts on how alcohol affects the liver as well as overall health. I’ve also tried on the drunk busters goggles which gives you an idea on how it’s like to feel drunk and to experience the effects of reduced alertness, confusion, visual distortion, reduced peripheral vision and double vision etc. It’s such a creative way to improve effectiveness of any substance abuse awareness and training program.


IMG_1231 IMG_1234 IMG_1233

Drunk Busters goggles

Drunk Busters goggles

Beer Pong Game

Beer Pong Game


Free cupcakes were provided

Free cupcakes were provided




SDS Dance Competition 2013

Thursday, November 28th, 2013

Hello everyone!

For the second year, I’m part of the Sunderland Dance Squad and we’ve just had our first competition last Saturday at Durham University. There were students from Newcastle, Lancester, Sheffield, St. Andrews, York and York St. John Universities who took part and it was an incredible day where all dancers came together. We’ve been practising different styles of dances every Tuesdays and Sundays at City Space so do scroll down to check the videos out! 🙂


The first day we've gotten our cool hoodies!

The first day we’ve gotten our cool hoodies!


During the competition at Durham

During the competition at Durham

SDS Tappers

SDS Tappers











Chocolate and Cognitive Function Test

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013

Here’s a shout-out to all chocolate lovers!!!

One of my friend, Feliz is conducting a cognitive function test based on chocolates for her final year project. It is basically a trial to test how chocolates produce effect on the human brain. Please watch this video below to gain more insight to the test and bear in mind that participants are required to abstain from products containing cocoa for 12 hours before the test.


For those who are interested, please come by at Murray Library Starbucks cafeteria just beside the lecture theatre at 2:15pm on:

Monday (2/12/2013) OR Tuesday (3/12/2013) OR Thursday (5/12/2013) to claim your free chocolate bar (dark or milk chocolate) and please meet Feliz at 5pm after that to run some simple tests in Science complex- It takes less than 15 minutes!:)

You can get in touch here:


Participants taking part in the test


Last Oct: Halloween & Deepavali

Thursday, November 21st, 2013

Hello readers!

I know it’s been a month already but I hope everyone enjoyed Halloween in Sunderland! Here are some pictures of my friends which I think are really brilliant in terms of spookiness! 😛

Also, I’m sure the Deepavali/Diwali (Hindu celebration of the New Year & lights) celebrations were a blast regardless of whether you celebrated it back home (my friends from South East Asia & Malaysia) or in Sunderland:D Check out the traditional “saree” outfits below!

PS: I still don’t have a clue about how to wear a “saree” although I’ve worn one before :s

Just last week, some of my girlfriends and I had some henna tattoos done for us by the Islam Society On Campus (ISOC) for charity week – our first time getting this done in the UK! Scroll down to check them out!



My girlfriends & I










photo (1)

Here are some really creative Halloween make up/costumes from my peeps!


Henna Drawing for Islamic Charity Week in City Space and Murray Library


My lovely friends looking gorgeous and charming in their traditional wears

My lovely friends looking gorgeous and charming in their traditional wears

All About Food *YUM*

Thursday, November 21st, 2013

Today marks one year and 3 months-ish since I’ve come to Sunderland and for those who don’t already know, Malaysia is a diverse country with looaaaads of different cultures and food to try! Our country comprises of many races: Malay, Chinese, Indian, Sikh and many more. So, since this month is Diversity Month, I just thought I’d put up pictures of some Malaysian delicacies I got to try while studying in Sunderland and bear in mind that these are just 7% of the awesome food you can find in Malaysia.



One of my friend made us some Nasi Lemak when I was in Nottingham last summer


Steamboat Get-together!


Loved my spicy Tom Yam chicken Soup


One of my favourite- Yee Mee Soup


My friend’s successfully made Kimchi


Lovely dinner cooked by the guys:)


Nasi Lemak again:D


Dim Sum which I normally have for breakfast back home


Nasi Lemak and Currypuff


Homemade stir-fried potatoes and long beans


Tom Yam maggie noodles (Shouldn’t have this too much but I crave for this a lot esp at night!)



P.S: Top 6 food I really miss from Malaysia:

1. Ramly Burger

1. Ramly Burger

download (3)

2. Hakka Lui Cha (mainly for vegetarians)


3. Traditional Nasi Lemak (they're normally wrapped up with banana leaf)

3. Traditional Nasi Lemak (they’re normally wrapped up with banana leaf)

4. Char Koay Teow (Most favourite among most Malaysians)

4. Char Koay Teow (Most favourite among most Malaysians)

5. Ipoh's Chee Cheong Fun

5. Ipoh’s Chee Cheong Fun

6. Satay!!!

6. Satay!!!


Nevertheless, we are still able to find some Malaysian delicacies here especially if you head out to Newcastle:)

Things I normally cook at home are:

1.Stir-fry vegetables (spinach, french beans) with vegetable oyster sauce (it gives a good flavour to the food)

2. Grilled brocolli, cauliflower with some condiments

3. Stir-fry chicken slices with marmite and honey (learnt this last year when I was living in Precinct with my girlfriends :D)

4. Steamed fish (cod) which is super healthy especially for people with high cholesterol problems (like me teehee:))

5. Grilled fish (salmon) mashed up and placed on top of the pasta

6. Salad (Having raw vegetables once in a while is good for the body)


Well, these are what I normally have which I can think of right now. Of course, on top of it, I would have them with brown rice to replenish my carbohydrates.

Please Stay tune to find out what I eat when I eat-out! ssslrrrp!


Fb Link to My Page :)

Thursday, November 14th, 2013


Me Me in lab


For more frequent updates, you can like my fb page:


Natasha <3

Shout-out of the Month: Young Lecturer- Lee Jun Yang

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

Hello everyone, check out our very first new pharmacy lecturer in Malaysia- Jun Yang who’s completed the MPharm program from UoS just last year! Let’s see what he has to say about being a lecturer!


1. What are you currently doing after you’ve graduated from the MPharm program?

I am currently working as a lecturer in SEGi University, Malaysia which was where I did my years 1 and 2 Mpharm before moving on to Sunderland. Prior to that, I did some consultation job with another private education institution in Malaysia.


2.Why did you choose a different path from what others are doing?

To be honest, it never crossed my mind that I will ever become a lecturer. Even my close ones and I myself find it surprising! None of us actually thought that I would teach after I graduate. It’s just one of those things where it happened. But I always knew that I will choose a path different from my peers.


3. What are the challenges working in the academic sector?

Currently, I don’t face many challenges as I have not been lecturing for long. But If I were to name a few, it would probably be the scheduling. There are limited lecturers and so many subjects to teach! Other than that, there’s always a fear that students might start yawning and sleeping in class- which did happen during my first lecture! Students started playing with their Ipads in the middle of my lecture! Now I feel guilty for sleeping in class throughout my uni years. Another challenge would probably be my age. I look young compared to other lecturers so students were a bit surprise to see me provide lectures. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the students could be as old or maybe even older than me!


4. Do you enjoy what you’re doing?

Yes I do enjoy teaching. It’s a new experience to be on the other end of the classroom and since I’ve just graduated recently, I completely understand how these students feel about studying pharmacy and the challenges they face. Plus interacting with different students from different background helps you learn a lot. It’s the kind of job where you are able to mix with young adults and adults at the same time. Not many jobs provide you with that kind of opportunity.


5. Plans for the future?

Well I’m keeping my options open. I’ve been asking around several universities about a postgraduate degree and have sent my CV around. Most likely I will complete my pre-reg in Malaysia which takes 2 years instead of one in the UK. My main aim is to get into a consulting firm the Big Four hopefully, as my main goal is always to become a CEO of a company.


6. How is working life different from being a student?

Personally, I prefer working life which may sound weird because I know people who are working can’t wait to get a holiday. But I find working very relaxing. It provides you with a fixed schedule, you get to learn and contribute at the same time and of course you get paid.


7. What do you miss most from being a student?

I would probably miss the times where you stay with your housemates. It’s an experience I will forever cherish. I miss the times where we cooked a big Malaysian meal together for the house- probably the most memorable part. This might sound crazy, but I do miss getting stressed out from doing exams and assignments & having housemates to encourage you or stress you out during exams are probably something that will never happen again after you have graduate.


8. What do you miss in Sunderland?

Fish and chips from Colemans! You can’t find good fish and chips in Malaysia. I also miss walking to stores and uni. Sunderland is a small place everything is located within walking distance from the uni to the grocery store, to the mall and to the gym. You don’t need a car and you will never be worried about getting caught in traffic.


9. Advice for current pharmacy students?

Do your best and enjoy your university life. Pharmacy is one of the toughest courses out there but when you’ve completed it, it’s well worth it!  And don’t sleep in class! It’s fun when you are a student but you’ll never know one day you might be on the receiving end.


Attached is a photo of Jun Yang- one of a kind! 🙂


Jun Yang

Korean Food Prepared by Sun

Saturday, November 9th, 2013


Here’s a surprise for Korean-food lovers! My Korean friend, Sunny has agreed to show me how he prepares some Korean delights. I’m pretty sure some of my friends will be trying out this recipe soon. I’ve also gotten a few requests already- I’ll try my best to come up with more foood videos so you can try them at home especially if you want to save up more. Enjoy and happy Sunday! 🙂


Weekend Update

Saturday, November 9th, 2013

Hello guys!


I’m just going to keep this as short and sweet as possible. So today:

  • ’twas UoS Open day again and I was based at City Campus this time:)
  • Watched a little bit of the 5 A SIDE FOOTBALL  event for staffs and students
  • Rehearsed for diversity night which is next Saturday (16th Nov)  at Northshore (It’s Diversity month!)
  • Joined the chaplaincy event- Scottish music and dancing also known as Ceilidh at Sunderland Minster Church for £3 to raise cash for Christian Aid

In the video below, I’ve interviewed Revd Chris Howson who is a full time university chaplain. As a bonus, watch me try out some Scottish dancing! Don’t forget to scroll down to check out my pictures as well!


PS: I’ll be going for another football match tomorrow at Stadium of Light- Man City vs Sunderland! Come say Hi if you see me!

(For more inquiries, please contact

Pharmacy Booth for Open Day

Pharmacy Booth for Open Day

Dr. Praveen and I

city space Open Day


5 A SIDE Football

5 A SIDE Football

Scottish Dancing

Scottish Dancing

Scottish Dancing

Additional Language Classes =)

Monday, November 4th, 2013

Hey Hey!

I’ve just spoken to UoS Language Scheme coordinator- Jenny Hayes- this morning who was so lovely to spare some of her time to share her experiences and information on the university language scheme (ULS).

The ULS is entirely free for UoS students with an interest in learning another language. Students can either start right from the beginning or continue from where they left off. Languages offered are:

  • English (for academic purposes)
  • French
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Chinese- Mandarin
  • Japanese

Classes are normally once a week with around 15 students. There are lecturers who came all the way from China, Japan and France to teach, whereas some lecturers have lived in different countries for a long time and mastered the language like Jenny. Jenny mentioned that she lived in Spain for 10 years while teaching English there; now that she has returned to the UK, she teaches Spanish. How cool is that?

There are many advantages for students to pick up another language as you will be able to communicate with people that you normally wouldn’t be able to. It’ll also help you in your jobs if you were to work in another country with a different native language. Like most Malaysians who come from diverse backgrounds, I am able able to speak 4-5 languages and dialects. Other than that, I took beginners French classes last year, and wanted to take German classes this year (but my schedule’s too packed *sniff*). I am also learning Romanian from my boyfriend.

Jenny encourages students to be part of the ULS also because it gives and trains intellectual skills & it’s a great way to take a break from the pressure of uni. Students are also able to make new friends! 🙂 Some of my friends have been asking if ULS offers Korean as well- according to Jenny, they’ll work on it and if there’s a high demand for it, students will soon get to learn Korean! *Yay*

Last but not least, CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) has just started last year and it is a new course which runs in June (1 month intensive course). For those who are interested in teaching or wanting to travel around the world, you can apply by contacting Jenny (details shown below) or you can pop by at Forster building.


Lovely Jenny Hayes

Lovely Jenny Hayes

Forster Building

CELTA application

CELTA application



  • Name: Natasha Kam
  • Age: 23
  • Studying: Pharmacy MPharm
  • Hometown: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Ambitions: I would love to set up my own pharmaceutical company.

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