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Law and English Language and Linguistics (Combined) BA (Hons)

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July 3rd, 2014

Result day frenzy!

I still can’t believe I have a degree!

BA/BSc (Hons) Law and English Language/Linguistics Second class honours (First division)

White hair = Wisdom

July 2nd, 2014

Trip to London!

So far my Summer has been amazing, I couldn’t handle the “waiting for final result nerves” so I had to find something to distract me. I took a trip to London with friends, and got a chance to visit my family as well!

June 29th, 2014

Graduation prep!

Hello beautiful people!



We are two weeks away from graduation! I’m getting really excited about the ceremony. I graduate on the 8th of July, I’m a little upset because I wont be graduating with most of my friends from Law classes since I’ve chosen to graduate with the Combined Subject Program students. I figured that it made more sense for me to graduate with the CSP department since I am a CSP student!


My parents are organising a BBQ party for me at a park! I’ve been thinking of a theme, and I will  be going for an African theme. It will be different but I’m sure it would work. What I have to do is to just, get my outfit… My aunty in London is sewing an African attire for moi, both for the ceremony and the party! Also, I need to insure that I have a land certificate for the park we want to have our BBQ party, and a lot of paper work to do. 🙂 Other than that….all is well, and looking forwards to sharing what I will be doing in the coming week!

Keep safe and stay blessed!

~Michele Noemi Dimbua~


June 17th, 2014

Me and my loved ones <3


June 17th, 2014

How to avoid assignments/exams stress

My top 6 tips to avoid assignment stress

1) Start your work on time

2) Research thoroughly

3) Use the time limit effectively

4) Ask questions

5)Understand the question before you start writing

6)Set yourself deadlines


Start revision on time and make your revision consistent.

Once you start following these simple guidelines, you will begin to notice that you are a lot more organised with your work, thus you wont be stressed out!

Hope this was helpful!

Keep safe and stay blessed

~Michele Noemi Dimbua~

June 15th, 2014

Life from September 2014….

Hello beautiful people!

OK, So I’ve decided to do my GDL as a part time course!


Well, I have plenty of reasons. The first one is that it will break the intensity of the course! The GDL course can be very challenging because you get to do all the core (hard) modules in a year. So that is: Tort, Criminal law, Legal and Institutional Method, Contract law, Constitutional, EU Law and Equity & Trust.

Part timers, get to do 4 modules on the first year, and 3 modules + a mini project on the second year! (22 months in total)

The other reason why I wanted to do it a part time course was so that I can work as well. I’m currently employed with Catch-22 and I love every part of it, I would definitely continue working with them. However because this job is seasonal, during term times I’m going to have to find a job whilst studying!

Living at home!


Yes, I will be travelling to Leeds every weekend. I would like to live in Leeds, but I’m not sure I’m up for the challenge just yet, for now, I will be going to be staying at my cousin’s place for the weekend and come back to Newcastle for the week! Hopefully, I would have pass my driving test by then…so I would be driving and wont need to be getting the bus/train every time I want to go to Leeds.




Thanks for reading on. Until next time…

Keep safe and stay blessed

~Michele Noemi Dimbua~


June 15th, 2014

June Update! I got into law school!

Law school update!

So as you all should know, I’m doing a degree in Law and Linguistics, (BA) and it’s not a full law degree. In order for me to get a full law degree without having to do a whole LLB Law again, I can do a Graduate Diploma in Law which is a law conversion course. I’ve applied to the University of Law (Leeds) and I’m proud to announce that I have been offered a place! Yaaay!

Just to remind you of the law route.



So after my GDL, I’m going to have to do the LPC which I am well excited about. For now, I am working on how I’m going to start my ‘writing children book’ career. I have no idea on how to start. But I am reading around and see how I can kick start it.

That’s it for now guys, thanks for reading!!

Keep safe and stay blessed

~Michele Noemi Dimbua~

May 16th, 2014

Baking with Michele

Exams are all done, time to do what I love doing on my free time!

Check out the video below!

Keep safe and stay blessed!


~Michele N Dimbua ~

May 14th, 2014

Summer summer summer!

So it’s like tradition for me, every summer I like doing something new, or improving on something I already know. I’m so exited! And I can’t wait to start doing all the things on my plan list!

The video below is a short clip on what I did last year and the things I plan on doing this summer…enjoy!


Keep safe and stay blessed

~Michele Noemi Dimbua~

May 13th, 2014


So I just wanted to share my excitement today!

I am finally done with 3rd year (final year), it’s not official yet because the results are not out yet, but…It’s an amazing feeling. This year I had 2 Linguistics modules and a dissertation also on Linguistics. In addition to that I had 3 Law modules so it was pretty heavy on me. Especially trying to do my dissertation on top of revision….that was hectic and I’m glad it’s all over now.

This year has been very hectic for me, it’s not very easy to balance work, uni and at the same time trying to figure out what will happen next.

I am very exhausted, both physically and mentally! But I am not complaining, the experience has been amazing and I have certainly learned a lot! I’m looking forwards to see what the future hold, and I’m certainly looking forwards to law school!