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Michele-Noemi Dimbua | University of Sunderland

Law and English Language and Linguistics (Combined) BA (Hons)

Working with the NCS!

Hey guys!

So this is some of the activities I have been doing this summer!

The NCS is a summer program for young people. During this period the young people have to complete three phase of the program. The first phase is the outdoor challenge! This mainly encourage young people to get over their fears etc… The second and third phase is more of a mental challenge; the young people are asked to get more creative, do presentation of something they passionate about etc.

As you would see on my video below, the support workers were also encouraged to take part in order to set an example for the young people, which meant I had to take part too! So this was a new thing for me because I have never done this before, but it was an amazing experience.

Hope you enjoy the video.

Keep safe and stay blessed!

~Michele Noemi Dimbua~

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