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Michele-Noemi Dimbua | University of Sunderland

Law and English Language and Linguistics (Combined) BA (Hons)

Something new…Casting

Hello guy!

So this is a really informal video of me and few friends! Basically I was asked to help out a friend on the new movie he is making. He needed a casting crew and I was one of the directors. It was really fun and challenging at the same time because we had professional auditioning for the roles.

The movie is called “Recognition” and based on a true story, so it is very personal and important for the writer (my friend). The audition took about 3 hours and we auditioned about 28 people (some who auditioned for more than one role).

Overall, It was a really interesting experience, in the past I did drama back in school up until GCSE so I am familiar with acting and what was needed for the movie, so that helped a lot during the auditions!

Keep safe and stay blessed!

~Michele Noemi Dimbua~

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