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Archive for February, 2014

Michele Noemi Dimbua

BSc (Hons) Psychology

21st birthday prep!!

Friday, February 28th, 2014

Hey guys!

So I’m turning 21 tomorrow, March the 1st! I’m so excited! I have lots of plans with friends and family. So far my cousin came all the way from Glasgow, and I have my other half around as well! Yay! So the plan is to have a Pijama party in Newcastle (my home) watch movies all the way until the next day. On the first couple of friends want to take me out for a meal. I don’t have much plan, but simplicity is exactly what I need right now!

I will keep you guys updated with the pictures and food etc!

Keep safe and stay blessed

~Michele Noemi Dimbua~

A taste of Congo: How to make Pondu (Cassava leaves)

Thursday, February 20th, 2014

What you would need:

For Pondu Compulsory: Palm oil, aubergine, spring onion, leak, fresh chili and a bag of Pondu (from any African Shop) Optional: You can add tuna or pilchard or dry fish on the Pondu while cooking it.

Total duration: 3 hours – 3 hours 30 minutes

For Fish Compulsory: Mackerel, Magie cubes (4/5), salt, fish seasoning, lemon juice Optional: Black pepper, chili power, Picantina seasoning

Duration: 1hour


I hope you’ve enjoyed this one…

Keep safe and stay blessed!


~Michele Noemi Dimbua~


My trip to the USA

Saturday, February 15th, 2014

Hey guy!

I just wanted to share my experience in America with you all! I had a fantastic time and I had an opportunity to visit other universities as well! This trip was organised by Bethal Campus Fellowship group, they are a Christian group that encourage students with their faiths and support them with their studies!

Below is a video and pictures how I spent my time there!





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