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Jamie Baker | University of Sunderland

Sports Journalism BA (Hons)

My Favourite Places in Sunderland

So before I go home, I thought I’d make a post about the places in Sunderland that I like best and that I think everyone should go to. :] It’s a mix of clubs, bars, shops, etc:


1. Cityspace

Well obviously I love the gym. And although it may be small and sometimes very crowded, the membership is crazy cheap and the equipment is all pretty high tech. :] I’ll definitely be joining again next year.


passion2. Passion Nightclub

Pretty sure all the best nights out have ended up in Passion. It’s really the place to be on Monday nights (uhm, can anyone say 50p drinks? Unbeatable), but it’s also pretty good on Thursdays (Rock Night!) and, I would imagine, other nights as well.


unionn3. Union

So I guess this is the….second place to be on a Monday? Haha. Not as cheap as Passion but I’ve had so many great nights here. :] Plus even some fun nights at work involving foam fights and water guns. ;]


revs4. Revolution

COCKTAILS COCKTAILS COCKTAILS! Basically the best part of Revs, although their food is amazing too. Plus if you’re in a club or society you get 50% off! =D My favourite cocktail is Absolute Passion–everyone needs to try this because it’s absolutely amazing.


gatsby5. Gatsby

The best place to go before heading to Passion/Union in my opinion. Trebles for 2 quid and I always end up running into everyone I know when I go here.


hnb6. Holland & Barrett

Admittedly, I rarely buy anything from here because it’s quite expensive but if I could….I WOULD PROBABLY BUY EVERYTHING. I mean come on. THEY SELL OATS CALLED BENCH PRESSED OATS. HOW COOL IS THAT. I WILL try them someday haha. Also they’re got literally every health food/supplement EVER. I walk around this place like a kid in a candy store, not even kidding. =P


sambuca7. Sambuca’s

Well….you can see that pizza….need I say more? No but really, I took my dad and sister to Sambuca’s when they were over and it was so delicious and so incredibly cheap that my dad was wondering why we hadn’t eaten there every night. Uhm, I wish we had! I don’t think a lot of people know about it because it’s sort of hidden away along the river, but it’s a 5 minute walk from Panns Bank and probably my favourite place to eat out.


glass centre

8. The National Glass Centre

Well this is where I spend a lot of my time, considering all of my classes are held here. It’s a cool place. If you go to see it, you’ve gotta walk on the roof and you should also stay for a glass-blowing demo. :]



9. Primark

CAN I JUST OWN EVERYTHING IN THIS STORE PLEASE. I actually can’t think of any stores that we have in America that are this reasonably priced for such nice clothes. I’ll miss it when I go home!



10. The Beach

A perk of living in Sunderland. I haven’t been to the beach as much as I would’ve liked to this past year due to being busy/cold weather, but I do love going over to Roker and it’s a great place for a run. :]

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