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Louie Crake

BSc (Hons) Psychology

July 11th, 2011

Graduation and promotion!

Hello chaps!

Well the day is finally approaching and tomorrow is my graduation! Also, I have had a slight promotion at work which may help me into research!

I started university with a job i did not particularly enjoy and had aspirations to be a Psychotherapist. In my second year I landed an amazing job in a shop alongside plenty from the university, continuing to my third year.

My aspirations last year were to be a teacher or lecturer and the jobs offered by the university helped with pinpointing my decisions. Now, after my project and passion in my current shop, I aspire to continue research in the real world and hopefully lecture in the future.

So tomorrow is the end of the university path and off into the real world. I owe everything to my family for supporting me throughout and particularly my little brother for always keeping me amused.

Next week I’m off to London with my new branch in work which I am very excited about.

I must wish the best of luck to the new Livesonline team, all of my employers at the university and also all of our current and prospecting students. It has been a fantastic experience and has changed me completely.


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June 30th, 2011



What a week! I have had a bit of a struggle searching for Graduate jobs however the week has completely turned around when I found out I passed University! AND with a 2:1.

I am happy

So I went on eBay…

Unfortunately I still cannot upload media so the previous photos cannot be seen! However, UOSLCrake on facebook has them up so have  a spy!

June 22nd, 2011

Dubfest! Plenty to do in the North East

Hello again! So apologies for the late post, I have had a taste of full time work with a full six day week put in! Woaahh

First of all, I visited the Great North (Hancock) Museum after work on wednesday with a good old friend which was amazing. They have a very good section about the native wildlife of the local areas and the history of the north east. I (stupidly) found out why Wallsend has the name and also was astonished to find a VAMPIRE SQUID (my favourite animal).

Also, as an additional gift for fathers day, we all went for a drive up the Northumberland coast for Dubfest; a car show featuring, as you guessed, VW’s! Although it was a three day event and we arrived late on the last day, there was a massive turn out. A few years back we had to sell out T2 Campervan and with that, my first car was bought. With this in mind we set out to find her and see what she was like (Mavis she was named). Unfortunately we couldn’t spot her but i did take many photos. The browser however has other ideas and will not let me upload them so I shall try another post later!

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June 6th, 2011

So what’s Psychology like at Sunderland?

Hello guys, I’ve had an interesting week this week. I thought I’d tell you a little about Psychology at the University of Sunderland in retrospect.

Well the first year acts like a broad introduction and includes statistics, personality, cognition and a few problem-based learning activities whereby you address topical subjects in Psychology as a group. I remember my first was the topic of video games and their effect on violence in children.

Second year steps up a little and a few options arise. I chosen to study counseling skills and Evolutionary Psychology which was very interesting. One of my favourite assignments was the debate over whether personality is fixed or if it is flexible over time. I also enjoyed Biological Psychology with attention, our own project (which was difficult due to the free riders in our group) and especially the seminars creating our own language.

Third year I found the most interesting. The empirical project enables you discover your passion in the subject with pretty much complete freedom of topic selection. I chose to investigate the relationship between dark personality and body art alongside the perceptions of body art. The module of Psychology in the Real World enables you to think critically about EVERYTHING you read, whether you like it or not!

We spent a great deal of time discussing the misconceptions of Psychology in the media albeit it accidental or manipulated by the source. We addressed the MMR-autism debate, criticising the paper submitted on grounds of Scientific validity. Domestic violence and the ignorance of female perpetration was investigated alongside enhanced childhood cognition. The effects of media on eating disorders and neuro-linguistic programming was interesting however my favourite in the topic was the investigation of spirituality.

These topics were mirrored in our Historical Psychology whereby we could create our own questions after discussions after receiving a rough area. I found this very interesting to investigate and research the Psychology of Religion, beliefs and practice through Evolutionary Psychology and Neuro-Psychology, followed by the investigation of the truth behind ‘free will’.

Here’s a video from UOS Psychology 2011


Also, this week we also had a new arrival to the house with a lovely 5 month old collie-lurcher cross. She’s lovely!

ANNNND! Due to the Livesonline project, I have been given the position of admin on my works social networking and have made several plans for the shop events. I’m also putting into place the use of video in the shop to show what we do and here’s number one! (I am not trying to advertise but merely show my excitement to be ‘moving up’)


This week I am going to be writing away to a few companies for Psychology placements and if I have time, I will create a new CV. However now, I am off to the dentists again…. AHHHHHH

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May 30th, 2011

Graduation excitement!


I am rather pleased to announce that I have finally booked my graduation place, just need to hire my robes!

Not so long ago I was worried about a more difficult but very enjoyable module of Psychology. This afternoon I was informed that I received a first class in my report so I am very very happy.

It was interesting to see conceptual evolutionary Psychology in some BBC programs this week too, notable talking about the neuroscience of consumerism and logos. I then discussed this with a lovely lady I met at work who turned out to be a Doctor of Psychology and freelance Psychologist who shared my passion, alongside another Psychology student I work with!

After this week, I think my next post shall reflect the true nature of Psychology at Sunderland University and the module content.

Job hunting shall commence asap!

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May 17th, 2011

NISSAN Washington- JDM Drift Allstars round 2


I’ve been getting the odd question about living at home, jobs and what to do in the North East so here goes.

First of all, I am one of those mighty students able to live at home still. Although there are a great deal of advantages of moving to other cities I would like to point out the advantages of living at home in the North East of England. First and foremost, my mother still washes my underpants. Just as I learned how to use the washing machine, they decided to get a new and more complex one… Living at home means lower costs on rent etc and means you’re situated somewhere you are comfortable in. Although I have thought of moving to other parts of the country, I still remain attached to the north east of England and rightly so!

The North East had fantastic scenery to offer as you may have noticed in previous posts. There’s also a wide range of shopping centres not too far from Sunderland and a lot of career opportunities as I have mentioned also. Living at home has allowed me to pursue two of my passions; tattoos and Japanese cars. Living at home has reduced my outgoings greatly and with three jobs, I have been able to afford the odd tattoo but more so spending on my car.

Linking the employment and my passion, Nissan in Washington on the outskirts of Sunderland offers a great deal. Not only do they offer employment for students, they also support car owners clubs and have started facilitating shows. On Sunday I finally went to a Formula Drift event, JDM Drift  Allstars (round two). It’s great to see the North East including motorsports now and the day was fantastic aside from the weather!

Final: First run


Surprising features on a Fiat Panda! The sound was a rib tickler, my phone was overwhelmed by the amplitude. If you look, you can see the car and windows shaking!


I wish I had taken more photos but there was too much action being missed!

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Student Profile:

  • Name: Louie Crake
  • Age: 21
  • Studying: BSc (Hons) Psychology
  • Hometown: Whitburn (Sunderland)
  • Ambitions: I’d love to teach Psychology in Further or Higher Education, especially Evolutionary Psychology

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