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Liam Lillico | University of Sunderland

Broadcast Journalism BA (Hons)

Music Monday #12.. Mid-Week Edition!

Yo! So, for this MM- I thought i’d give you the five most recent played from my phone. And yes, this is being uploaded a few days late- mainly because I’ve been wicked busy! But alas- lets get started shall we?

#1 is ‘Ain’t Got Far To Go’ from Jess Glynne.

I’m LOVING this track at the moment- I’ve had it played pretty damn regularly since I first heard it. I’m going to go as far to say that Glynne has become my favourite female artist out there of late- and thats even before her debut album has even dropped. Feast your ears;

#2 comes in the form of ‘Weathered’ from Jack Garratt.

It’s just a tune. “Jack’s voice explodes in a thunderous crescendo that sucks you straight into a sweet spot between James Blake, Ed Sheeran and Jeff Buckley. It’s a force of nature that proves impossible to resist until the song’s very last drop of a note — at which point you will feel compelled to listen again.”  – PLUS- That beard game is ON POINT. Kudos Jack.

#3 is explicit and not actually on my playlist yet. But it’s TUNE. Take a bow Maroon 5.

This summers gonna hurt like a what? Be prepared to see Adams ass at the start of the video.  This song might not be the best lyrically- but who cares? It’s going to be BIG and I already LOVE it. It’s just a bad-ass song. Enjoyyyyy!

#4 is with Years & Years, who want you to just press play and keep your Eyes Shut.

Yet again, Y&Y do not disappoint. I’m currently listening to their album a lot and I keep changing my favourite track. At the moment, it’s this beauty. Just press play, keep your eyes shut and enjoy!

#5 Last but by no means least is this FEELZ song from Mr Jamie Lawson.

If you don’t at the very least get a little bit feelz’y at this then I’ll think you have no soul. I showed it to my friend Tor and she pretty much cried. Lawson is Ed Sheeran’s first signing, so yeah- as you might can already guess, I don’t think he’ll struggle. Click play, and let the song tell you a really simple story..

Cheers, and enjoy the music!


Human. Student. Traveler. Blogger. Writer. Filmmaker. Radio Person, Mondays on Spark 12-2pm. Part time Super Hero.





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  • Name: Liam Lillico
  • Age: 19
  • Studying: Broadcast Journalism BA (Hons)
  • Hometown: Newcastle, UK
  • Ambitions: I've always wanted to do something in media. but there's so much to chose from... Right now, I want to be a script writer!

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