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Liam Lillico | University of Sunderland

Broadcast Journalism BA (Hons)

Forward Planning!

Hi there guys, today (Monday, October 2013th, 2014) was a day I decided to give to myself to just chill out and relax. I did a small amount of work in the morning, but I decided to stop and head out into town for some grub with one of my flatmates. We headed to the newly opened Ed’s Diner in The Bridges. For those of you that don’t know- The Bridges is the local, town centre shopping centre with a range of shops in. Ed’s Diner is a 1950’s kind of themed restaurant. It’s pretty nifty..

I know, I regret saying it. BUT that being said- the food is pretty epic and the milkshakes are boss! They do not mess around.

Shameful obligatory #instafoodporn 'gram because I'm at Ed's. Food baby x100000000. First and last food post in a long while I imagine! #EdsDiner #Sunderland #SunderlandUniversity #FoodPorn #FoodComa #ShamefulFoodPost #SorryNotSorryThoughBecauseItsEds #LivesOnline #Blogging #tag


From there, I headed around town for some shopping. This picture may or may not have been bought.. IMG_1074

No regrets. (In a few weeks I’ll be shooting a video all about my room in my halls, and how I’ve made it feel more me!)

After that there was a haircut and a game of Worms on the X-Box back at the flat. I was not a winner. Which meant the trip to ‘Spoons with my best friend from home was to drown my sorrows!

Now, I’m back in my room and my creative juices are a flowing! I’ve made a vague plan of my uploads in the next few weeks and months, all to help me in the long run. In the process I feel like I’ve stumbled onto a solid golden idea. Which, I’m sorry to say I’m not going to say anything about. What I will say is that, if it was to work- it’d be something pretty epic, it’d be something to be filmed and would coincide with milestone for myself as a blogger. I’m that excited about the possibility of it, that I’m going to go to speak to someone about it tomorrow. That’s all your getting. Spoilers. Fingers, toes and everything crossed.

To to prove I’m not telling fibs about my future plans, I’ll give you a little list of things to come;

#1. An introduction to my YouTube Channel. It’s currently on lockdown and not even I can access it yet, but it’s on it’s way. As is the microphone I’ve ordered. I pinky swear.

#2. Once filming is up and running I’ll be giving you a tour of my digs for my first year, as well as (if they’re game) interviewing my flatmates.

#3. Uni Cooking Hacks. I’ll bring some videos with recipes to make cooking at uni so easy it’ll bring a tear to your eye.

#4. A Uni Room Hack video in which I’ll show you how to make your halls room a bit more homely and a little less ‘Fire Door. Keep Shut’y.’.

#5. I plan to Vlog a week of my life. Yes, that means I’ll be uploading a whole day-to-day week of my life. Boring or not!

Basically guys, stick with me. I’m getting into my schedule now and I can’t wait to get filming for you. In the mean time, enjoy getting to know what I’m into music wise over on my Music Monday’s posts.

Thanks bromigos/sisterigos.. As always to keep up with me, you’ll find all of my links down below. Till next time guys,


Human. Student. Traveler. Blogger. Part time Super Hero.




YouTube (Coming Soon!)


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  • Name: Liam Lillico
  • Age: 19
  • Studying: Broadcast Journalism BA (Hons)
  • Hometown: Newcastle, UK
  • Ambitions: I've always wanted to do something in media. but there's so much to chose from... Right now, I want to be a script writer!

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