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Liam Lillico | University of Sunderland

Broadcast Journalism BA (Hons)

A Night at Lane 7, Newcastle.

Bromigo’s, sisterigo’s- how’s it going?

The monday just gone was a massively busy one for me. I had to run back and forward across the city a few times.. (When I say run, what I really mean is get on a few different metros). I then had to get back to my flat in time for my mum and nephew coming to see me. I made it in time, they came, they stayed, they had some laughs and then left. Flash forward a few hours later, it was time to greet two of my long time friends to my flat.. and my flatmates! What better way to break the ice then bowling? I didn’t win.. but I wasn’t last either. That’s all I’ll say on the matter.

Sadly, it turned out that I had to attend a (very) last minute meeting at work up in Newcastle. Meaning, bowling was cut short and I was hopping on yet another metro. Jump forward two hours later and the meeting was over, and I was free again. As I’d been away a while, I hadn’t been to one of my favourite spots in town for a while. Lane 7. It was time to change that.



Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 14.17.22



Forget everything you thought you knew about bowling alleys, because Lane7 is different. Really different.

Forget formica tables, moulded seats and plastic hot-dogs imagine the best bar you’ve ever been to and then add a first class dining experience, ten-pin bowling, ping-pong, pool, Karaoke and an unrivalled atmosphere into the mix. We’re perfect for nights out with mates, for parties and even for corporate events.

All in all, it’s a pretty cool concept, and you’re going to love it.”


And they weren’t wrong. I do love it. A lot. It’s fresh, it’s new, it’s different. What’s not to love. I can’t recommend it enough.

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 13.56.52

IMG_0478  IMG_0482


Even if you’re not bowling, it’s a fantastic place to go out to meet with friends. They’ve got a great looking bar area thats great to be in, with a wide selection of drinks.. which includes the ‘Hard Shakes’. They’re fantastic, I’ve tried almost all of them on the menu, but they’re always in an effort to bring new flavours out, which keeps it fresh.

IMG_0477  IMG_0488


IMG_0484 IMG_0506


All in all, I can rave on and on about this place all day long. Yeah, some of the stuff they sell may be slightly overpriced, but I feel that you get what you pay for, and what you get drink, food, environment and establishment wise is well worth it. It has such a fantastic mix of things to do, eat and drink. Also, as someone who is a huge lover of all things music, I have to say the music they have on in there is absolutely top notch.  The atmosphere is electric!

Please, get yourself to Lane7!

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  • Name: Liam Lillico
  • Age: 19
  • Studying: Broadcast Journalism BA (Hons)
  • Hometown: Newcastle, UK
  • Ambitions: I've always wanted to do something in media. but there's so much to chose from... Right now, I want to be a script writer!

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