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Jamie Baker | University of Sunderland

Sports Journalism BA (Hons)

Hello February!




Monday is my favourite day of the week!

Strange…maybe, as most people seem to dread it?  But starting a new week is so refreshing. And monday morning always means chemistry in my timetable. Today I had another lab. As I said earlier this year, this semester mainly focuses on the gastro-intestinal and respiratory systems. So today we analysed a chemical solution called Sulfasalazine, one of the compounds of the chemical group Sulfonamides. This class of compounds, which are known as “sulfa drugs” were the first synthetic antibacterial agents used. However, the compound is mainly used in the treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases, such as ulcerative colitis and rheumatoid arthritis (diseases that can cause inflammation within the intestine). During my morning class we looked at the physiochemical properties of the drug, and how much would be available for absorption at different a pH. Our experiment was to determine the quantity absorbed by measuring the proportions of the compound in its aquesous and organic layer.

To cut my experiment short, and rather avoid writing up my lab script, we added different amounts of acid to two different solutions to create a different pH, and also added another chemical. We mixed the solutions together, and in a separating funnel we were able to see the two different layers of the compound. I took a picture of one sample we prepared. The top layer, is the organic layer, and bottom is the aqueous layer. We basically wanted to use only the aqueous layer for analysis (that we will complete in 2 weeks time) and took a sample and placed it separately in a small vial.

After class I grabbed “breakfast” with my lovely friends from my lab group and chatted before we proceeded to the library for our lecture.



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