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BSc (Hons) Psychology

Advice on living with other students

Friday, November 30th, 2012


Watch my video with MY advice on living with other students!

Big things happening within UoS

Monday, November 26th, 2012

One of my senior Pharmacy School lecturers has definitely been very busy lately, and it has been revealed, via the university website why. Dr Hamde Nazar has been exploring a potential end to insulin injections for diabetics using a nasal gel, comprising of the live saving drug insulin. Insulin works by lowering high glucose levels in the blood (hyperglycaemia). Diabetics need to have insulin administered via intravenous injections when their body does not produce enough of the hormone alone.

Hopefully I’ll be able to speak to Dr. Nazar before the winter break about her research and developments so far!

Click here to read more about the research.

Hospital Placement

Sunday, November 18th, 2012


I had my first placement of this academic year last month in the James Cook hospital, Middlesborough. At the start of the year, it is our responsibility as students to collect our Placement Portfolio detailing all the information we are required to explore during our 3 hours spent in both community pharmacies and hospitals.

This year I have 5 placements. 2 in the James Cook hospital, and 3 furthermore in a community pharmacy in Durham. Last year during my hospital placement, myself and another student shadowed a pharmacy technician around the hospital and learnt about medicine transport from the dispensary to patients, and also looked at a few drug charts. However this year was a totally different experience! Myself and two other students shadowed a Pharmacist this time, which was great, as we were able to ask more specific questions about their career working in the hospital environment. We skipped the dispensary, and went straight to the break room with the pharmacist and discussed medical history taking – something

all medical practitioners follow through with patients to find out what their presenting complaint is, any symptoms they may have, their past medical history which includes what medication they are taking, their social and family histories. It is really important to take this clinical interview with all patients, as it helps understand the patient’s unique condition, and find out the best possible way to treat them. We have spent much of the first and second year learning skills for taking a patient’s medical history, so we were extremely prepared when the Pharmacist asked us what we knew! After the Pharmacist was convinced we were ready, he took us out onto one of the many wards, and introduced us to one specific patient’s medication. We checked their medication, to be sure they had the correct drugs in their boxes, and also that they were in date. Afterwards we had the opportunity to interview the patient together, and ask them questions.

Placements give such valuable opportunities to learn more about the profession of a Pharmacist, and the different types of practise that are available.

Stay tuned to hear about my community pharmacy placement next month!


Fireworks – Sunderland!

Sunday, November 18th, 2012

Wednesday night was Sunderland’s big night to turn on the street Christmas lights. Hundreds, maybe even a thousand people turned up near the Winter Garden’s park in the city centre to hear the mayor speak, with some celebrity guests and an olympic athlete. At 7pm sharp the lights were turned on, and fireworks went off from the park for about 10minutes, along with very loud Christmas music. It was a sweet evening- definitely starting to feel excited about Christmas now, even more so as I’ll be spending this Christmas and New Year in Canada!!

Apple Crumble

Sunday, November 18th, 2012

After my big webct exam last friday, I decided it was time for a well deserved little break after studying so hard!! On Tuesday afternoon after lectures, I went over to my friend Sandra’s house where we decided to bake an apple crumble together. It was so much fun! Now we’re thinking to bake new deserts every few weeks…Hopefully we don’t gain too much weight! Here’s the recipe I used

Diversity Week!

Sunday, November 18th, 2012


Last week was Diversity week at UoS, and there was no better way to end the week with a celebratory evening on Saturday at North Shore, the university’s student venue across the road from St. Peter’s campus.

The evening was composed of a few international students sharing their culture/talent, whether it was singing or dancing. Afterwards, there was a huge buffet of international food prepared by the international students!
The food was…amazing!! There was Jollof rice, Jerk chicken, noodles, malaysian beef, vegetables, fried chicken…etc the list goes on.
Some of my lovely friends dressed up in their traditional clothes for the evening, and looked they looked fabulous!– For more information about the evening.

Tablet manufacture

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

The Pharmaceutics labs finally started, and there was no better way than beginning with tablet formation!!
It was definitely one of the most fun labs we have had this term as we did our own small-scale tablet manufacturing. Pharmaceutics is a really core element to the pharmacy degree, as it looks at medicines safety, efficacy and manufacturing what is best for patient compliance.

The class was split into three groups, and our task was to efficiently measure two separate powders, mix it, using a tubular mixer, and then pour the mixed powder into a tablet punch machine. Once we had our tablets produced, we were able to perform a series of quality control tests.

Here is a little video I made during class showing our tablet manufacture.


Student Profile:

  • Name: Lauren Hill
  • Age: 21
  • Studying: Pharmacy (MPharm)
  • Hometown: London
  • Ambitions: To gain experience as a pharmacist and eventually look into opening my own organic Pharmacy.

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