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Laura Blackett – Livesonline

BSc (Hons) Psychology

Group Work Tips

Wednesday, October 8th, 2014

I am well and truly back in the swing of uni now, to the point I feel like I’ve forgotten my summer and that I’ve never been away! I am writing this from Murray Library at nearly 11pm where I expect to remain until the early hours, bouncing from vending machine to computer because I am preparing some research for my first assessment of second year (SCARY!). The assessment is from the module ‘Working with Adults’ and requires a 20 minute group presentation accounting for 40% of the module. Having done group work in first year for some of my other modules I feel like I have learnt some valuable tips I want to pass on for anyone else who, like me, isn’t the biggest fan of group work!

1. Preparation, Preparation, Preparation: It’s important to get started on group work as early as possible. A group of people all with their own lives and responsibilities can prove difficult to get together at convenient times and places to suit everyone. I would definitely recommend planning meetings well in advance.

2. Communicate: If you don’t understand what your role is within the group, speak up. If you don’t feel comfortable with a task you are given, speak up. If you can’t make a scheduled meeting, speak up. If you need help with PowerPoint, speak up. To summarise, the message is talk to your group so they know what is going on.

3. Diversity: Within a group you will always get a person who leads the group, the person who does everything last minute, the person who needs reminding of meetings and tasks they were given, the person who will overly stress about little details and the person who turns up to meetings and wants to talk about anything over then the task in hand! I realised last year (the hard way) that everyone is different and if you relax and think like this and don’t get too caught up on other people’s learning approaches you will enjoy your group work so much more.

I am actually really enjoying my group work so far and that is something I never thought I would say. For our first meeting last week we all met in Wetherspoons and put our Fresher’s vouchers to good use. I bagged a full english breakfast and a coffee for less than £4 and managed to make some really good progress with our group work. All in all a productive meeting!




  • Name: Laura Blackett
  • Age: 22
  • Studying: Social Work BA (Hons)
  • Hometown: Hartlepool, UK
  • Ambitions: Become a fully qualified social worker, learn another language, have my own house by the time I'm 25, complete my bucket list by the time I leave University and also go travelling!

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