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Laura Blackett | University of Sunderland

Social Work BA (Hons)

Comfort Food Recipe!

Hey everyone!

When I moved into halls of residence one thing I really missed was home cooked food. My nana used to send up batches of frozen meals she had made for me, and I mastered how to make one of them last year which was Panacalty! Now apparently this is a Hartlepool, or very local term as no one seems to know what it is but when I say it is called Corned Beef Hash people usually know what I’m talking about!

Pros of Panacalty:

– Only requires 4 ingredients, so it is cheap to make!

– If you forget about it in the oven it won’t burn, but I wouldn’t recommend going out of the house and leaving the oven on in any case!

– It can be frozen to eat another time!

– Your family will be impressed that you are having a hot meal, which isn’t served in a pizza box!

Cons of Panacalty:

– Not suitable for vegetarians, but im sure you could adapt the recipe and try out a vegetarian alternative!

– You will have to share with your flat mates because they will all want a bowl!

Serving Suggestion: Pour into a bowl, grab a couple of slices of bread & butter and tuck in đŸ™‚

Enjoy, Lau x

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  • Name: Laura Blackett
  • Age: 22
  • Studying: Social Work BA (Hons)
  • Hometown: Hartlepool, UK
  • Ambitions: Become a fully qualified social worker, learn another language, have my own house by the time I'm 25, complete my bucket list by the time I leave University and also go travelling!

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