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Jamie Baker | University of Sunderland

Sports Journalism BA (Hons)

My final Lives Online blog

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I’m now heading in the the third and final semester of my first year at University. So far, that has meant getting to grips with a new city, getting used to the daily commute, meeting a whole host of new people and forming new friendships which I think are there to stay.

I’ve also built a great working relationship with the teaching staff at Uni, particularly my course leader, and built a sense of trust in those people; the people who will guide me through the rest of my time here and make me in to a good teacher.

In my first ever blog, I talked about the inexplicable awkwardness you feel when you go somewhere new. Of course, there have been plenty of these moments but it’s certainly been worth it. You get to learn that, actually, everyone felt that way; just like we’re all feeling the same way now as we come to some important work deadlines and the way we all felt just before placement. There’s an incredible sense of team spirit and camaraderie among the people on my course which means we feel comfortable discussing any problems we might have.

It would be pointless to tell you that there haven’t been a few teething problems after the course was reduced from 4 years to 3, because there have. What’s important is that we know there are things in place to rectify what’s gone awry.

In all of my blogs, I’ve tried to think about what you, the reader, would want to know. In this final blog, I think the crucial question is: “If I had the choice again, would I still go to Sunderland?”

The answer is yes. I would.

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