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BSc (Hons) Psychology

The Door of Stuff

Monday, September 24th, 2012

Leaving Sixth Form, and my school of seven years, has made a massive impact on me. After that length of time, it’s inevitable that you form relationships with the people around you; I even consider some of my teachers to be friends; so when I was suddenly being asked to sign out and return my locker key, it made me realise how much the place meant. It’s then that you start to pick out the memories that you hope will stay with you, but with the best will in the world, memories will always fade.

I’ve been slowly sorting through the piles of papers, books and abandoned exam notes, whether they be stacked on my desk or stuffed in a carrier bag under my bed (I’ve never been very good at filing). I would sit on the floor with a selection of unsorted papers on my lap and three piles around me: one for rubbish (the biggest); one for things that might come in handy one day (unlikely); and one for things that have no real purpose but that I can’t bring myself to shift to the first pile.


I started to realise how many little things I’ve kept over the years; tickets for shows long gone, beermats covertly pocketed, cards and photos from who knows what… the list goes on. These are the things that will stop those memories from fading and it’s a collection that’s sure to grow in the coming years. I considered starting a scrapbook to document all of these keepsakes, but that runs the risk of being forgotten, buried under the piles of notes that made it start. I wanted to display the bits and pieces somewhere that I could see everyday, and I know a few people who have a ‘wall of stuff’ so that seemed like a good place to start – although I did have to be a little bit different and started a ‘door of stuff’… less catchy, I think but the way things are going, it won’t be confined the door for long.It’s been nice combing my room for little nuggets of my life so far, and I’ve certainly discovered a new found love for tessellating shapes. The whole thing is already starting to work, stirring memories I thought had long since evaporated: “Oh, remember when what’s-his-face did that thing when we were down in what’s-it-called…”

I think maybe that’s why I’m so excited about the Lives Online project; it’ll be nice to look back in a few years at everything I’ve written and remember all of the things that’ve happened – or at least the things that I was stupid enough to post on t’interweb.If I could rewind the clocks of time, I think I would’ve started something like this much earlier… but nevermind!


Some of the things you can see…..

  • The banner at the top – made by my year one class and held up in the photo I have of them.
  • A teachers’ union year planner (the course leaders organise for the three biggest unions to visit the uni; membership is free for trainee teachers and they can help if you have a problem while in school)
  • Tickets from various shows and attractions; Tower of London, Alfie Boe (with a signed picture), museums in Prague and Amsterdam etc.
  • My Driving Test Pass Certificate (1st time) along with my appointment card.
  • Candidate cards from exams at school.
  • Various cards from many people.
  • A programme from a play I directed.
  • Certificate from the sailing trip I did at school (best thing I’ve ever done. Ever.)
  • An article from The Chronicle about my school play.
  • A note signed by all of the staff at The Hard Rock Café in Amsterdam after the choir I was touring with did an impromptu performance.
  • Other bits and pieces that would take too long to explain!


More soon,



Pre-Programme Placement at Sunderland Uni

Sunday, September 16th, 2012

As part of the Primary Education course at Sunderland University, you have to do five days in a mainstream primary school between the start of the school term and the start of Freshers. It’s not a long time to get things sorted – you need to organise it yourself – but it is compulsory so it’s best to think about it as soon as possible.

Already, I’m starting to discover that building connections with people already in the profession is really important; in my A2 year at sixth form, I spent about a day a week (one morning and one afternoon) in my local primary school. It also happened to be my old primary school so I did already know most of the staff and settled in nicely. When it came to results day and being given an offer, I got straight in touch with the school and organised to do my placement there.

I can’t tell you how much fun it has been! Teaching is such a diverse profession that each and every day has been completely different; I was asked to begin a numeracy lesson on adding for the teacher one day, and the next I was outside in the car park watching the look of awe on the children’s faces as the clambered in and out of a visiting police van. On the last day, the staff held a full school assembly just to say bye to me and give me a card, fronted with the smiling faces of the year one class. I really felt like part of the staff, and really got to know the pupils well.

Next stop… University…

More soon,

Student Profile:

  • Name: Kyle Brewis
  • Age: 18
  • Studying: Primary Education with QTS BA (Hons)
  • Hometown: Newcastle
  • Ambitions: To achieve success as a Primary School teacher and enjoy a long and satisfying career.

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