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BSc (Hons) Psychology

My Last Ever Lives Online Post :(

Thursday, July 25th, 2013



Im going to miss doing lives online :[

Second Year Results!

Thursday, July 18th, 2013


Advice For Freshers

Monday, July 15th, 2013

Hello so I wanted to do a post for advice for the new freshers, its scary going to uni and you don’t know what to expect so here’s a few little pointers for you, I hope they help!

  • Everyone is in the same boat! – When you first arrive at uni its all new and can be scary, some people may have moved ten miles from home some could have moved thousands of miles from home! But one thing to remember is that your all in the same boat! Its  new to you all! So don’t be shy, speak to as many people as you can in freshers week and if you living in halls of residence get to know your flat mates straight away your going to be living with them for a while so you need to know their names! Scared to talk to them? Best thing I found was to offer them a cup of tea! Tea always gets the ball rolling and quicker than you know it, it will all seem normal to you and you will wonder why you were so scared in the first place :]
    If you do find that you are still upset and feel as if your not fitting in right after a few weeks then please speak to someone, the university has counsellors that can help you feel more settled and relaxed and they understand what its like and you certainly wont be alone!
  • Stick in! – University isn’t a walk in the park! It does get tough at times and it can make you want to tear your hair out, but the rewards for sticking in are totally worth it! Just think about it this is your degree! Stick in now and in a few years’ time when job searching, placement searching, you will be glad you put in that extra effort.
  •  Get involved in everything – University is about having fun and making friends, so get stuck into everything! Every opportunity you get TAKE! You probably wont get the same sorts of opportunities like these again so its best to do them now and then they are done! Hey you may even change your mind about what career path you want to take (I did!)
  • Don’t leave your assignments/revision until the last minute – I know some people need the pressure of a deadline to complete work, but I would strongly advise NOT to do this! It makes you panic and stresses you out much more than if you had started a week or even a few days before hand and it’s likely that you will miss something out and not get as good a grade as you can! For Law essays you should really be starting research straight away!!
  • If you need help ASK! – Although I’m a Law student, I’ve dealt with lots of members of staff from the majority of the faculties at Sunderland and I cannot fault any of them at all! They are always friendly and happy to help you if you have a question/query. The Faculty of Business and Law and the Law staff are all amazing! Again they are always willing to help out with questions and will make sure that you understand before your meeting is finished, whether it be a query about assignments or a more complex question for example student finance, where they personally may not know the answer but will always point you in the direction of who will! They also have an “Open Door” policy so you can see a member of staff at any point (obviously if they are in!)
  • Finally…HAVE FUN! – University is probably the only time where you can be crazy and have fun with little consequences and it’s also where you have little responsibility (let’s face it all you really have to do is eat, sleep, try not to spend your student loan too quickly and attend lectures….it’s not that difficult is it? 😛 ), so ENJOY IT! :]


good luck


My Last Month!!!! :[

Monday, July 8th, 2013


Well this is my last month as a Lives Online blogger and I must say its rather upsetting! I’m really going to miss updating my blog and Facebook page with what im doing and answering all your questions, its been a fantastic year and I’ve loved blogging about it! Ive done a little video for you all about it here: [youtube][/youtube]


Here are also some pictures of my favourite times from the last year:


Finally along with the pictures above I want to highlight some of my favourite blog posts from this year: – This was my second Open Day and was undoubtedly my favourite, being with Lydia, Lauren and Kyle was great fun and it was a lovely day too :] – I LOVE the reading week’s at uni especially the November ones and the trip to London its always an amazing time and I will never forget the memories from them :] – This post is possibly the best advice i could EVER give, its what gets me through uni and i hope it helps others out there too! – I must admit this is one of my favourite blog posts and (fingers crossed) I get to study Space Law next year! 😀 – Again more advice but i think that its well worth a watch I promise :] – One of the amazing features of Sunderland Uni’s Law department  is its Mock Court Room and heres a quick video of it! – Stuck with what you can do with an LL.B? Here you go!! – Not even sure what an LL.B is? This explains it! 🙂



Anyway I know this is a long post but I wanted to give you all a big overview of my year as a lives online blogger and as this is one of my last posts (there will only be 3/4 more :[ )  and its been such an amazing experience and it has made me want to continue blogging my time as a student and start my own blog :]

I hope you all well and keep an eye out for the next last few posts! :[
Chow! x


Student Profile:

  • Name: Karina Rooney
  • Age: 19
  • Studying: LLB Law
  • Hometown: Sedgefield
  • Ambitions: To complete a master’s degree in Criminal Law and become an academic

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