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Jamie Baker | University of Sunderland

Sports Journalism BA (Hons)



It’s all been rather quiet since I came home for summer, I’ve really not been doing much mainly just relaxing and spending time with family and friends! I think its needed though cos as soon as im back in Sunderland and at uni in my final year its all going to be crazy again, so the time off is definitely welcomed!

I have however started doing some research and gathering some articles together that I think may be useful for my dissertation so I’ve not stopped working altogether ;] I enjoy Law too much to just stop altogether haha!

I’ve also decided whilst I’m home that I’m going to start going back to my old Karate club again to help me keep fit during the summer and also to have something to do :] I used to go before I came to university so it will be nice to go again although i am a little rusty ;]

I hope you are all enjoying your breaks! And hope those who attended the Open Day on Saturday had an amazing day! 😀

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Student Profile:

  • Name: Karina Rooney
  • Age: 19
  • Studying: LLB Law
  • Hometown: Sedgefield
  • Ambitions: To complete a master’s degree in Criminal Law and become an academic

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