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BSc (Hons) Psychology

Sunderland University – Moot Court Room

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

So I promised you all a video of the moot court room, it’s not the best but hopefully it gives you an idea of what the room is like and the facilities that are on offer at Sunderland university! The Moot Court room is used for many things, mooting and debating classes are held in the moot court allowing students to get a feel for the atmosphere that they would be in if presenting a court case in real life. Mooting competitions are also held in this room and recently held the internal Mooting and Debating competition, in which the final was held at the Supreme Court in London on Monday (22nd April) which was judged by Lord Hope of Craighead. It also held this years Criminal Litigation module oral exams, in which like mooting and debating students had to present a court case as either Prosecution, Defence or submit a Plea in Mitigation. Any who here’s the video which I took a few days before my criminal litigation exam hence the references to that in there, but I did that yesterday and think it went well :] I was prosecuting in a Bail application hearing, I lost the case (bail was granted and I was opposing bail, but the winning/loosing is not counted to your grade!) but it was still a good experience! :]

Busy Busy Busy

Monday, April 22nd, 2013

Hello everyone!!
Just a quick post to keep you all updated! Its a crazy time at university at the moment!
Today is the deadline for one of my assignments, Studies in Public Law (don’t worry I handed it in on Friday ;] ) so now im all finished with that module for the year! So fingers crossed on that assignment :]
I have also finished my last assignment for the Law of Evidence! So all of my assignments for second year are done and dusted! With Evidence just to be handed in now which is due next week! :]
Its quite strange having all the assignments for 2nd year completed, its all going so fast!!

Aside from all the assignments I’ve been revising for my up-and-coming exams also which start next week as well! So its all hands on deck for the last sprint of the term!
I have my criminal litigation exam tomorrow and that involves presenting case, we were given 3 scenarios a Prosecution case and a defence case (that were based on the same case facts!) and also a Plea in mitigation hearing which was based on another case with different case facts! Its been great practising for it and I’ve really enjoyed it and will enjoy dressing smart for the actual exam (we must look the part too) so hopefully tomorrow night I will get a chance to put the Video of the mock court room up for you all and get to chat a little bit about how the exam went on :]

Until then I must revise for my Tort, EU and Land Law exams which start next week! Bye!

Family Holiday to Scarborough

Thursday, April 11th, 2013

Hey everyone!

So I realised that  I told you guys about going on a family holiday to Scarborough and that I would post some pictures….but then I completely forgot about it and I didn’t post them :S Sorry!!

So here they are there is only a few of them but they are nice all the same and if you haven’t been to Scarborough then you really should!! Its such a nice place especially in the summer as a little day trip when its nice and warm (which it wasn’t warm at all when we were there haha!!)  sitting eating fish and chips and ice cream 😀 Fab! :]
I also found the coolest arcade “grab’em” game everrrrr! (See the pics!!)

Its April!!!

Thursday, April 4th, 2013

Wow! How quickly has time passed! I cant believe that its April and exam season already! D: Here’s a little video update of what’s been happening and whats to come for me!


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  • Hometown: Sedgefield
  • Ambitions: To complete a master’s degree in Criminal Law and become an academic

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