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BSc (Hons) Psychology

Merry Christmas!!

Tuesday, December 25th, 2012


A Student Christmas

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

Well after a few manic weeks at uni I am finally home for Christmas :]
Its great being back home and seeing all my family again and im finally starting to feel Christmassy! 😀

On Tuesday me and my mum  spent the day decorating the Christmas cake 😀  we  put the marzipan on and then the royal icing, it was a messy job but it was great to spend the time with my mum :]
Also with the left over marzipan I made some christmassy shapes and attempted (ATTEMPTED!)  to cover them in chocolate, it didn’t work so well but they were still tasty 😀  Pictures below!

I don’t have any plans for the rest of the week or for over Christmas at all so its just going to be nice and relaxing few days spent with family :]
Merry Christmas all! :]

Space and the Law

Friday, December 14th, 2012

It’s beautiful isn’t it?
I’m a geek! I admit it and something that is of great interest to me is space, it’s fascinating! And now it’s also starting to link into my passion, Law!

Recently in the news there has been a lot of talk regarding space tourism companies running commercial flights to the moon! Now don’t get too excited these won’t be happening for a few years (the projected start date is to be 2020) and will probably be inaccessible to you or I with regards to cost! (unless you have a spare £930 million in the bank?) But the wheels are in motion and by heck it’s interesting! So how does this relate to the law?

Well for starters Sunderland uni is the only university in the UK to offer Space law as one of its optional undergraduate LL.B Law modules (there are other space law modules but these are part of a more specialist space studies programme) which in-itself makes the programme unique, and is taught by Dr Chris Newman who is an expert in the field.
Over the past week Chris has participated in numerous interviews discussing the legal implications regarding commercial flights to the moon. The main legal dilemma relating to these flights is that there are currently no set laws regarding what happens after launch, there are set rules regulating the launch and re-entry (found in the Commercial Space Launch Amendments Act 2004) but in-between is “lawless” and what Chris describes it in his BBC Radio 4 interview as “What we currently have is a Space where there is no established norms of law,” in effect anyone can land on the moon and send commercial flights up there as long as they adhere to the regulations stipulated regarding launch and re-entry, in-between those times anything can be done by anyone, no one company or business will have sovereignty over the moon (Outer Space Treaty 1967 prohibits this).

This is a fascinating area that is likely to develop drastically over the next century to be applicable to space tourism and travel and as Chris stated “We’re seeing an embryonic legal system emerge, where we will start to see terrestrial law bleeding into extra-terrestrial matters,”  and I can’t wait to see and hear about its developments 😀


For more information listen to Dr Chris Newman’s full Radio 4 interview follow the link below

Or read the University of Sunderland’s mini news story:

Even follow Chris’s Space Law blog:


Thanks also to Dr Chris Newman’s permission to write this short blog post on these exciting issues.


Lives Online Christmas Review and Meal

Thursday, December 13th, 2012


Here are some pictures too from the meal :]

End of the semester update!

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012


Assignments! Assignments! Assignments!

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

Well I am nearly finished all my assignments for semester one!

My land law and Tort assignment were both handed in on Monday and what a relief it was to have them submitted! I’m not normally someone who is still working on an assignment on the day of the deadline but this year I have been doing this with virtually all of my assignments.

The jump from 1st to 2nd year has been a big one I wont lie, and no amount of preparing will make it easier you just have to do your work, go with it and keep up! haha! Having said that I still love my course  :]

Now I only have one assignment to hand in and that is due tomorrow and then i’m all done fir Christmasssss!!!! 😀 It is also the Law Society Christmas party tomorrow night which I am looking forward to LOADS! It will be nice to relax and celebrate handing in all my assignments and of course Christmas with all my friends :]

I hope everyone’s assignments/coursework is going well too! Stick in there you’ll get through it :]

Merry Christmas! :]


First assignment handed in!!

Thursday, December 6th, 2012

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  I handed my first assignment in today and it was such a relief!!

My Civil litigation portfolio is now done and dusted  and handed in and I must admit I’m very proud of my work! A lot of hard work and effort went into the actual portfolio so hopefully it will come back as a good result! 🙂 I have have 3 left to submit so mustn’t get complacent!

Also today has been a rather magical (albeit stressful!) day as it started to snow! Once it started it didn’t stop as well!! When I left my flat this morning it was raining when I came home it had been snowing and there was a beautiful white sheet across some of the pavements, so beautiful :] City campus (pictured along with St Peters!) looked beautiful with the snow and i even passed a few international students having a snow ball fight! They seemed so happy and confused at the snow and how it had all appeared whilst they had been in lectures!

Now sadly i cant play in the snow, I must get back to these assignments  :[ BOO!!!!!

-goes back to work-


Paralegal Award Ceremony And Its Nearly Deadline Time!

Sunday, December 2nd, 2012

Wow!! It’s December already which means that its nearly time for all my assignments to be due in *PANIC STATIONSSSSS*…. and it will be Christmas soon of course but that’s not important right now…

So this past week has been very good! :]
Busy as per but good!

On Thursday this week I had my Paralegal award ceremony! Which was a fantastic night, seeing the recent graduates  receive their diplomas and also current students getting their subject award trophies was brilliant! Everyone was dressed to impress and had their families and friends around them, and a few of the lecturers attended as well which was lovely to see!
What made it more special (for me anyway!) was your parents  getting to meet your lecturers because its not like school/college in that respect its not often your parents would be at uni so its lovely that the two groups  meet :]

So awards and diplomas were given, a buffet was munched on and I finally got my cup of tea  hehe ;] I haven’t received the professional photo that was taken on the night yet but as  soon as I do I will update this post with it until then these are the photo’s I got and also the video of me getting my award and a bit more about the award  from the lovely peter! 🙂 ! Enjoy!! [youtube][/youtube]

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