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Jamie Baker | University of Sunderland

Sports Journalism BA (Hons)

Top Tips For Assignment Writing

Okay so at the moment im currently tackling four assignments, and its safe to say its stressful! But I have five helpful tips that im going to share with you that I use to help relieve some of the stress but still submit work that is to the best of my ability :]

1. Start assignments as soon as possible! – This may sound really really obvious but you don’t get all your assignments given to you on the same day so it is possible to start one assignment  before you even get the next one and I highly recommend doing it! even if its just the reading for it as its easy to get given all your assignments then panic because you have so much work to do!

2. Make use of the sources available –  Journals, Books, Case’s all these things are useful and will help you get a good grade in assignments so make use of them, and if you don’t know how to FIND OUT! I struggled with using Journals but speaking to staff helped and in turn will help you too! Which moves me swiftly onto…

3. If you don’t understand/ get “stuck” speak to staff – Another obvious one! But there is no point staring at a blank screen just because you don’t understand something, try and figure it out yourself first but if you cant go and speak to someone who can help, all the staff are friendly and helpful and no question is too silly! (I’ve probably already asked it as well! haha!)

4. Draft, Re-draft and Re-draft again! – This is key! One of my lecturers is always saying that re-drafting is essential to making your work better and he’s right! Cutting needless words/sentences out will help improve your work and also it will help highlight any errors that you have made. It does take time, but submitting your first draft of an assignment is not your best work and wont get you grade you deserve :[

5. Don’t leave printing/submitting your assignment to the last minute – Turnitin (the submission software the university uses) always has problems on assignment days so submit your assignment the night before! It guarantees that you will get it in on time and wont miss the deadline!  This also applies when submitting a paper copy to Library services, LONG queues start forming about an hour before deadline so don’t leave it that late! If you haven’t submitted your paper copy by the deadline time, it wont be submitted and all your hard work will be for nothing! (harsh  but true :[ )

These are just a few obvious handy hints I follow, its up to you how you tackle assignments and everyone is different so what works for me may not work for you :]  Good Luck!

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