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BSc (Hons) Psychology

Law Video Diary – November 2012

Monday, November 26th, 2012

Hey! Here’s a little update of how my November is going! Assignments and all! :] Enjoy! :]


Top Tips For Assignment Writing

Friday, November 23rd, 2012

Okay so at the moment im currently tackling four assignments, and its safe to say its stressful! But I have five helpful tips that im going to share with you that I use to help relieve some of the stress but still submit work that is to the best of my ability :]

1. Start assignments as soon as possible! – This may sound really really obvious but you don’t get all your assignments given to you on the same day so it is possible to start one assignment  before you even get the next one and I highly recommend doing it! even if its just the reading for it as its easy to get given all your assignments then panic because you have so much work to do!

2. Make use of the sources available –  Journals, Books, Case’s all these things are useful and will help you get a good grade in assignments so make use of them, and if you don’t know how to FIND OUT! I struggled with using Journals but speaking to staff helped and in turn will help you too! Which moves me swiftly onto…

3. If you don’t understand/ get “stuck” speak to staff – Another obvious one! But there is no point staring at a blank screen just because you don’t understand something, try and figure it out yourself first but if you cant go and speak to someone who can help, all the staff are friendly and helpful and no question is too silly! (I’ve probably already asked it as well! haha!)

4. Draft, Re-draft and Re-draft again! – This is key! One of my lecturers is always saying that re-drafting is essential to making your work better and he’s right! Cutting needless words/sentences out will help improve your work and also it will help highlight any errors that you have made. It does take time, but submitting your first draft of an assignment is not your best work and wont get you grade you deserve :[

5. Don’t leave printing/submitting your assignment to the last minute – Turnitin (the submission software the university uses) always has problems on assignment days so submit your assignment the night before! It guarantees that you will get it in on time and wont miss the deadline!  This also applies when submitting a paper copy to Library services, LONG queues start forming about an hour before deadline so don’t leave it that late! If you haven’t submitted your paper copy by the deadline time, it wont be submitted and all your hard work will be for nothing! (harsh  but true :[ )

These are just a few obvious handy hints I follow, its up to you how you tackle assignments and everyone is different so what works for me may not work for you :]  Good Luck!

How I tackled my Tort assignment

Saturday, November 17th, 2012

Ahhhh!! Please don’t hate me for not updating!
This week I have been tackling my  Tort group assignment so I have been spending virtually every hour given to me writing it up!  I finally managed to finish it on Friday so now I just have to go through it and cut words out and improve it a bit more.

The tort assignment is a scenario style question, so you get given a  scenario and you have to work out what torts the parties have committed. This sounds easy enough……..NOPE!

There are 2 parties in this scenario The Smiths and The Jones who are neighbours. Now, each of them have committed torts against each other, but the main characters from the families are Tom Jones (I know awesome right! xD) and Brian and Alan Smith (Father and Son) there are other parties but these are minor and shouldn’t take up too much time. Now obviously this is only my first draft of this assignment so its not handed in nor has it been marked so im not going to reveal anything more about what I’ve put, but I will reveal how I tackle my scenario style assignments (it may help you, or you may think its a horrific idea! Each to their own!) I tend to work my way through the scenario and write out on a piece of paper the party name and every tort/crime etc they have committed and against who, I also highlight it on the actual question paper (all assignments are placed on Sunspace anyway if you want to re-print it later on) what and when I think it has been committed.

When I’ve done this then I start the proper work, research! Now I start to actually type up the assignment by finding the law that relates  to the offence I feel has been committed, at this point im not hugely concerned about word limits (for law students there is a zero tolerance policy now in place so one word over your limit and you fail :[ ) I write out what I feel is necessary and go from there! Once I have my first draft written, I will print it off and leave it a day or so, so essentially I forget  what I have wrote and then come back to it and read through it making changes, taking out words, putting words in and in some cases deleting whole paragraphs!  I keep doing this until im happy with what I have and it is on/under the word count and then submit!
All of the drafts and checking  help to improve your work, it may take a lot of time but it truly helps!

That is the stage im up to now! First Draft! I now have 3 other assignments to be doing therefore I will come back to Tort after I have sorted them out! :]
PS Sorry for the long post! :]

UoS Law Reading Week

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

So im currently on a “reading” week at uni and I’ve made a little video blog about what I’ve done so far and what the rest of the week has to offer! I’ve also included the pictures i mentioned here as well :] Enjoy!! :]  [youtube][/youtube]

Quick update of the last week or so!

Saturday, November 3rd, 2012


Again my biggest apologies to you all for not updating for just over a week!
I have been hit by the big assignment bug and I now have 4 assignments due in before Christmas so its all hands on deck to keep up to date with seminar work and to still progress with the assignments so its all crazy!

So in my last video diary post I said I was going to see Skyfall and don’t worry I wont spoil it for you but what I will say is that is bloody brilliant!! Such an awesome movie! It was a fantastic night and I didn’t stop talking about it for a few days! (Much to the annoyance of others sadly!) :]

Also Monday just gone (the 29th) was the second Law Society social event, this was for Halloween and had the theme of cops and robbers! Again this was an amazing night, everyone that came along had dressed up and we all had a great night! We are also organising another Christmas social event so look out for my blog mentioning that one too! Its super exciting!! :]

I also met with the lovely Lauren from Lives Online on Tuesday  for a coffee and a catch up on how we were all doing! It was lovely to see Lauren again after the Open Day and hopefully we can meet up again really soon! It would also be great to meet up with the other bloggers too and all chat together :]

The rest of the week passed in a flash! I was off uni on Wednesday and spend the majority of the day doing uni work and starting all my assignments (Boo! haha) and then of course with it being Halloween I went to a friends house for a house party which was a great end to the stressful day! :] Thursday and Friday consisted of Lectures/Seminars and meetings!  Typical days at uni! :]

This weekend is being spent seeing family and doing assignments before London with uni on Monday!!! I cant wait :] :] :]

Here’s some pictures from the Law Society Night out! :] And there was only one photo of me from Halloween but that’s there too!! :] Have a great weekend guys! :]

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