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BSc (Hons) Psychology

End of October Video Diary

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

Here’s a little video diary summing up this week and the first month back at uni! :] Enjoy!! :]


UoS Open Day 2! :D

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

Well Saturday was the University’s second open day of the academic year!
Again I attended this one (I think I’d happily attend them all really I do enjoy them :] )  and again it was fantastic! :]

It was quite busy this time (I guess with it being Saturday more people were able to come) and there were lots of questions which was fantastic :]
I spoke to a lot of students both those wanting to study at Sunderland generally and those wanting to study Law so quite a mix and they were all lovely people :]
As with the last Open Day, I spent most of the day at the Law stand talking to students and speaking with my lecturer’s (even got photo’s with them!!) and chatting to the other Business/tourism lecturers there, all whom are very nice too! We have a truly amazing department really full of fantastic people who are willing to help you with anything!  I also  did some mingling too  of course :]

I also got to meet the Lovely Lydia and Kyle too, and of course Lauren as well who I’d met at the previous Open Day and spent a bit of the day with the three of them too having a good laugh, getting to know each other and telling prospective students about Sunderland Uni!

I didn’t manage to get a video (with it being busy it was rather loud and well….busy haha!) but I did get some awesome Panoramic shots of inside during the day and I also took one of the campus before everyone arrived in the morning, but for some reason they wont upload so I will try and get that sorted and uploaded ASAP! I also have a photo of the 4 Lives Online students (L-R, Kyle, Lydia, Lauren and Myself) taken by the lovely Ross Parker (one of the EMR Team at the university) and some general shots of the day including one of Myself and my 2 lecturers Ben and Chris ( lovely guys :] ) sadly I don’t have the photo of myself and Amy (one of the other fab law lecturers) another gentleman took that photo and I haven’t been sent it :[  But here’s what I got:

Another Week Passes

Friday, October 19th, 2012

Soooooo, another week of uni has passed!
There isn’t much to report this week though im afraid! Its mainly been a typical week at uni, that is a week filled with lectures, LOTS of seminar prep and meetings galore!
However although it has been filled with lots of lectures and seminar prep, its still been a good week :]  and as I study further into my modules as well im enjoying them more and more. I’m actually excited and looking forward to going to the lectures and seminars on them and discuss the material further! (call me sad if you wish but I truly do!)  Its brilliant!

We also have the Open Day again tomorrow so im really  looking forward to that again I enjoyed the last one SO MUCH!!! 😀 It was great meeting potential students,answering peoples questions and talking Law haha!
If your there tomorrow don’t be shy, pop over and say hello and ask us any questions that you have! I will be there along with Lydia, Lauren and Kyle so be sure to check out their blogs too if you haven’t already! :]

Anyway this is just a quick update so you guys know how its all going :]  I’ll have another blog about Open Day tomorrow/Sunday :]
Bye for now! :]

A Spontaneous Day Out

Sunday, October 14th, 2012

Wow 2 blogs in one day, I spoil you guys ;]

So yesterday my boyfriend decided to take me on a spontaneous day out……To LONDON!
Wow! :]  haha!
We left very early in the morning to set off from a rather frosty Sunderland down to the sunny south! We arrived at around lunch time and were STARVING! we had skipped breakfast in the haste of leaving but were soon on our way to Covent garden with friends we met down there for food :] After some *really* tasty pizza in Leicester Square we hit M&M world! :]
I have never seen so many M&M’s in all my life! It was amazing!!! :] :] :]
We then went to my favourite place in London…….Westminster!! :] I took so many photo’s of Big Ben its unreal! Haha! We wandered around for a bit and went to the Namco arcade station,  before it was time for us to return back to the car for our long journey home :[
It was a fantastic day , but was very long and tiring (we had been up for 14 hours before getting home!) and now its time to sleep before the week kicks off tomorrow :]
Here’s some pictures of the day :] Sorry some of them are a little dark, it started to rain :[ PS That little sweet shop was amazing!

Something that’s pretty and interesting

Sunday, October 14th, 2012


On Thursday last week, whilst I was working my little socks off (I do have small feet!) my flat mate came up with the brilliant idea of going to Roker park to see the light “show”, not really having a clue what he meant by this “show” but needing a little break from doing uni work, we were spontaneous and decided to go, so at 9 o’clock at night off we went to Roker park!

I must admit I was rather impressed! It was gorgeous! and the lights look fantastic at night in the dark! I would definitely recommend going to those who haven’t been, its rather mystical and slightly spooky at times :]

In my blogging haste I took quite a few pictures and also a video of the fountains which were also lit up and were synchronised to music! In the video I have the music is the theme to The Apprentice, I believe the tune is called “Dance of the Knights” by Sergei Prokofiev (apologies for the voices in the background the security men liked a good natter! ;] ). The pictures are just of little bits and bobs as you walk around the park again apologies some of the quality isn’t that great i’ve tried to put the best ones up as always :]


Life of a Law Student

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

Wow! Things are really kicking off now at uni and we are really starting to get into our modules which means LOADS of work!
The past week has been a little hectic with work/Law Society/

Buddying hence the little blogging, so apologies :[
Being a Law student is a lot of hard work and preparation, so it isn’t for the feint hearted! But don’t let that put you off because if you are committed to what you want to do you can and will do it!
Also, even though its a lot of work, you still have time to let your hair down! Monday just gone was the Law Societies first social event of the year, which meant new and existing members could meet and have a few cheeky drinks and get to know each other, and it was a fantastic success! Huge credit to Matt and Sarah our social secretaries, who organised the night and did a great job :]
Other than this the past week has mainly been lectures,seminar’s and meetings! A typical week for a Law student!!
Now has anyone seen my pile of books…..

UOS Open Day!

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

Well today was quite a busy one as ever!
It was the first open day of the academic year today and its was mine and Lauren’s (also from Lives Online) turn to promote our blogs!! It was fantastic! :] I hadn’t met Lauren before today and she was lovely! We had a good chat the whole day and it was lovely to walk around with her and have someone else who was also a bit nervous to talk to people! We soon got into the swing of things though and were answering questions left right and center! haha!

The day started off rather quiet (we arrived at quarter to 9!) and but soon picked up and by half 9 the place was packed and remained that way most of the day! It was great to meet new and prospective students and help answer any questions and queries they had about uni in general and studying Law….my feet are killing me now though! Haha!! ;]

Here are a few pictures of the day (apologies if they are a little blurry it was hard to take pictures at times with so many people!)

A quick video diary!! :D

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

Hey im sorry this is a little late I’ve been having problems uploading my videos :[ but here we go a quick summary of my 1st week back at uni (W/B 24th Sept) Enjoy! 🙂 [youtube][/youtube]

Letting my hair down :D

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

Heyy guys just a quick update, im going to try and update more often now so posts will be shorter and possibly more random haha!

So on Friday me and my friends decided that we should all have a night out before everything gets too hectic at uni (and whilst we were all free!)  and so we could all have a catch up and chat about our summers properly!

Last night was that night!
We all agreed on a time and place and all got dolled up :] Revolution was our choice of bar and with half price drinks on a Monday and decent music, why not!! haha! As the night passed more of our group of friends joined us and we all had a fantastic time :] we hit Union bar   after Revolution (and even got free entry!!) and danced the night away! It was such a good night and just what was needed before the hard work starts! :]

Also if there is one piece of advice I could give (along side studying hard, attending lectures/seminars etc) its have fun!! I learnt this lesson last year that just focusing on work all the time makes you far more stressed and gets you down, going out every now and then to let your hair down really does help! Obviously just be careful  :]

Here’s some pics from the night 😀  (apologies that some are a bit dark my flash on my phone started playing games!) Haha 🙂 Later folks!

Sunderland Uni Freshers Fayre!!!

Monday, October 1st, 2012

Wow!! Last week was pretty awesome! I think Wednesday was probably the biggest (and nicest!) day of the week with all the rain we had on Monday and Tuesday! AND it was FRESHERS FAYRE!!! The day in which everyone signs up to hundreds of random and different things that they don’t even know about and hand out there email addresses and mobile numbers just to get some free stuff…..typical students! ….and yes I was one of these people! Haha! I got LOADS!! Free t-shirts and vouchers ALL SORTS! It was amazing!!

At freshers fayre there are so many various societies that you can sign up to depending on what your interested in or what works with your course! There are also lots of  local businesses that go to the fayre and give you free stuff  to get you to sign up to there Newsletters or email alerts for events they are putting on so not only are you helping with your uni course but your getting freebies! What’s not to like!! 😀

I was also helping out for Law Society (LS) that day, as we also had a stall at the fayre so that people could sign up to LS and it was fantastic to see both first years students and returning students signing up to join and also to see how enthusiastic people were about the society! The whole room was packed all day with people signing up to various societies and places to get the freebies! It was amazing! Whilst I was also there I was recognised for my blogging for Lives Online! It was a strange moment, a mix between pride and sheer panic at being recognised already! It was lovely however and a great confidence boost too that what I’m doing is right 😀

I also have a video diary coming up in the next post of the week in full as soon as i can get the YouTube account to work so look out for that, and as ever if you have any questions feel free to comment on any of these posts or on any of my Facebook status’s and id be happy to help 🙂

Here are some pictures of the freebies i got 😀 (the doughnuts were lovely 😉 )  and a picture of what Wednesday morning was like to wake up to 🙂 A rather beautiful sight 🙂


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