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Kamile Niunevaite | University of Sunderland

Journalism BA (Hons)


Before deciding to try scuba diving myself I was watching this video a lot… Everything shown there looked like a dream. ‘A m a z i n g’ I thought. And guess what…after few days my friends offered me to try scuba diving with them.

I was doubting a lot because even if my zodiac is Aquarius, I hate being under the water. So going 5 metres down to the sea was a real challenge to me.

A day before diving we had a first lesson of how to use all equipment, how to communicate under water using signs, how to breathe etc. Even when I was sitting there and listening I started to think if I am really ready to do this. I was still doubting even when I was already sitting in the car to go to the Aphrodite beach where we continued our diving.



But after all I understood that it was one of the best experiences ever! Being able to breathe under water, see amazing sea life and just enjoy the moment…it was fantastic!



Yes, for the first time it was really scary to me, but I already plan to try scuba diving in Cyprus one more time.

  • Name: Kamile Niunevaite
  • Age: 18
  • Studying: Journalism BA (Hons)
  • Hometown: Panevežys, Lithuania
  • Ambitions: I am planning to make a career as a journalist and my dream is to work for a magazine.

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