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Archive for April, 2014

Kamile Niunevaite

BSc (Hons) Psychology


Monday, April 28th, 2014

I know that about 5 months before starting to go to university most of us felt like standing at the crossroads. Millions of questions like WHY? WHERE? WHAT? HOW? REALLY? MAYBE NOT? are absolutely normal before making a huge step and saying YES to the only university that we choose (and that choice isn’t easy as we have more than 100 universities just in the UK).

I created a video with few tips that I hope will be helpful for you:

People often ask me why did I choose studies in England rather than Lithuania. So here’s five reasons that made me choose this way:
1. Quality of education in the UK and international diploma
2. Better opportunities in Journalism career
3. Opportunities to combine work and studies
4. Good reviews from people already studying here
5. Strong desire to travel abroad and see if really ‘grass is greener on the other side’

I won’t hide – sometimes I have those minutes of weakness when I miss home more than anything else in the world. Sometimes I still ask myself why did I have to come more than 1000 miles and live so far away from everything I had for 18 years. But living and studying in England is a very good experience and I’m really having a great time so I don’t regret anything!


Friday, April 11th, 2014

Hello guys, I know that some of you are interested in fashion studies. This month I made an interview with Samantha Johnson, fashion product and promotion student at the University of Sunderland. Some main questions and answers that could help you understand what does it mean to be a fashion student. 

What is your relationship with fashion?
My relationship with fashion  starts when I was 16. I knew I wanted to have a career in design, however I wasn’t sure what specific of art appealed to me, I just had a passion for the subject. After I finished school, I went to Sunderland College and studies BTEC Art, the subject focused on various aspects of the art such as 2D, sculpture, digital design, photography and textiles. At college I immensely enjoyed photography and textiles. I had started reading magazines such as Vogue and Elle. I was fascinated by the photography within them and the beautiful designer garments that were featured on the models.

Why did you choose University of Sunderland?
I’m from Sunderland and had no problem travelling further afield to study, I had heard people with very good stories from the university and all of them recommended it. I was very happy with the pass rate and how modern the campus’ are, students are friendly and staff always willing to help. 

 Are you happy about your course and university?
I am very happy with the university, I love how diverse the subjects are, students and staff are easy to get along with. I am also immensely happy with my course, it doesn’t just focus on making garments, we look at illustration, photography, journalism, promotion etc.

What is the best about studying fashion product and promotion?
The best thing about studying the course is the people you study with, I have made particular friend that will stay with me for life.

How do you imagine yourself in future?
In the future I want a very successful career that focuses on the journalism and photography side of fashion. It would be my dream to become a photographer or writer for a  high end fashion magazine.

What do you think about students’ opportunities in fashion after graduating?
Some people are skeptical about the idea getting a job straight away graduating from fashion, for some it happens almost instantly and for some it takes a lot of time. For me idealistically i would love to have a job almost instantly, something like an internship at a successful fashion magazine focusing in photography and learning the trade would be amazing.
I’m also adding a video about another successful fashion product and promotion course graduate.

Inspiring, isn’t it? (:


Thursday, April 3rd, 2014

Everyone who is interested in fashion is preparing for Fluxx tonight. What is it? A fashion event presented by UoS Fashion product and promotion students. The event will take place at The Basement Club (in Sunderland).

This fairly new event is held once a year and each time second year students show their created products from ‘Urban Cool’ design project at uni. People who come should expect to see very uniquely designed garments designed by each of the students. Students from the fashion course are organising everything about the event, from make up, raffle, entertainment, venue, garments, running order and sponsors.

What fascinates me the most as an organiser is the careful effort, organising and consideration that goes into planning an event of this scale, there is so much to think about and do. If one small thing changes or goes wrong, it can effect the whole outcome. It also fascinates me how everyone of the students can come together, each person has a creative touch that can help with organising the event and create a fantastic outcome.” ( Samantha Johnson, one of the Fluxx’s organizers )


It’s a fundraising event and all money  get fashion students to Graduate Fashion Week in 2015.
There are 200 people expected to come to this event. Will you be one of them?

P.S. I’m going to post an interview with Samantha Johnson about the Fashion product and promotion course at UoS soon!

Enjoy your Thursday!


Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014

Essays, dissertations, lectures, masterclasses, readings, writings + work… Wondering how students can cope with everything?

Young people always need more experience and adventures in lots of new areas, it helps us to develope our skills, gain more experience, meet new people and get the contacts ( super extra mega important for journalism students!!! ) , find ourselves and earn some money. I’m so happy that students in the UK have that opportunity to find a job and start building their carreer in the first years of their studies. Who doesn’t want an impressive CV and extra money for the weekend?

As a student in England I can easily find enough time for my studies and work as we have quite a lot time for our self-directed studies. Unfortunatelly, I couldn’t say the same about Lithuanian students who have to spend lots of more hours at university.

In this video I’m trying to tell you more about my experience in looking and finding a job in England; I’m also giving some tips for you if you also are planning to work (:

Hope that it was helpful and you enjoyed watching. If you have any questions about my experiences at uni, students life, accommodation or absolutely anything, feel free to write a comment or a private message and ask.

Enjoy your week.
Kamile x

  • Name: Kamile Niunevaite
  • Age: 18
  • Studying: Journalism BA (Hons)
  • Hometown: Panevežys, Lithuania
  • Ambitions: I am planning to make a career as a journalist and my dream is to work for a magazine.

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