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Archive for February, 2014

Kamile Niunevaite

BSc (Hons) Psychology


Friday, February 21st, 2014


Starting to go to the gym was my number one in MUST DO list for February. And I did it.
As a spring is coming soon I started to think my top five plans for March. And here it is:

Dirty Dancing1. Buy tickets to live Dirty Dancing show
“Now I’ve had the time of my life…” I think everybody knows that heart stopping song and a romantic Dirty Dancing film. It’s one of those that I could watch over and over again (I hate watching the same films twice, by the way (:  )
I’m not a good dancer myself, but watching other people dancing…it’s something that takes my breath away! So when  I saw an advertisement that Dirty Dancing will be showed live in Newcastle I knew that I’ll definitely be one of those people who will see it.
It will be shown in the Theatre Royal on 6-31 of May. I’m already going crazy. Don’t miss a chance to watch it (or join to go together (: )!

2. Visit a new city of the UK
I love travelling a lot, but during that time I live in England, I’ve been only in London, Newcastle, Sunderland, Durham and Doncaster. I think it’s time to explore some new places. I’d love to go to Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Bristol… I just haven’t decided yet where to start. Could you offer something else worth visiting? (:

3. Write an article for the Fashion North
As I’ve mentioned in my earlier post, our university has quite new website where all Journalism students can write their own articles and features related to fashion. I already have some ideas on my mind. The only thing to do is realize them! (Sounds simple, right?)

Academic book4. Read at least 3 academic books
Yes, let’s don’t forget that I am a student and have to read, write, research and study quite a lot. For most students reading academic books is like a challenge. Rule number one: don’t leave everything for the last minute. I’ll try, I’ll try…
Last but not least in my list is number 5. Move to a new house
March 1 is the day when I am planning to change my residence. I’ll still live in Newcastle, together with my sister and my friend Mindaugas who is also a student at the University of Sunderland. As we’re already used to do many things together, I believe that living together will be really fun. 



Friday, February 14th, 2014

If you’re are interested in websites and films making, journalism, public relations, cultural studies – University of Sunderland is place for you to be as it’s among the top 25 universities in the UK for media studies.

Media Centre at St Peter’s campus is an excellent place for that kind of studies. Here we have fully equiped TV and radio studios ( and  our own radio station Spark FM which is run by students of our university), a cinema, helpful stuff and really nice atmosphere.  St Peter’s library is full of books that students need.  Futhermore, the view through the windows if fantastic too: river and sea.

While studying these subjects in Sunderland, students can also switch their studies to another countries for a semester or two. That is one of the best things you can experience in your studies and I’m thinking about that opportunity too.

Here are two videos (one in English and one in Lithuanian language) presenting Media Centre:

Hope you liked it! And see you in the Media Centre next year?

x Kamile x


Thursday, February 6th, 2014

The second semester has already started!
I was waiting for the first week and introduction to new modules a lot. I was really excited and I still am!
I’m totally happy with new  modules, tutors and timetable.
So here are the modules that I’ll be studying for this half of the year:

MAC101: Introduction to Media and Cultural studies

We’ve got one lecture and one seminar of this module per week.
As you probably understand, in this module we’ll learn about kinds of culture, media production, power, representation etc.
For this module we’ll have to write two 1,500 words essays: one for cultural and one for media studies.
Hopefully it will be as interesting as I expect it to be!

MAC140: Introduction to Fashion Journalism

Fashion journalism module  is probably my favourite one. I had only a few lectures and workshops yet, but I feel excited and interested about everything we’re learning. I’d strongly recommend this module for all those who are really passionate about – it is not enough just to know world’s most popular designers and big names, you have to know everything what’s going around in fashion world.  In this module students are taught how to write catwalk reports, fashion features, trend reports etc. Every two weeks we’ll also have to write fashion quizes where we will be asked about colours, designers, materials, news, trends and many more things related to fashion. So we have to read, concern and be interested in everything. But as a journalism student I’m already used to it.  (:

Our university has a website called Fashion North . All journalism students write and share their own fashion features and articles here. I think it’s fantastic! Hopefully, some day you’ll find an article written by me as well (:

MAC190: Introduction to News, Magazine and Sports Journalism

I had almost the same module in the first semester so we continue learning similar things. We are taught about how to write the right articles, how to find a really good, interesting stories and angles, how to take interviews, produce news… Simply, how to be a good journalist.
We are also preparing to write for another website – SRnews – which is also operated by journalism students of the University of Sunderland. It is one more brilliant chance for enthusiastic students to write their own articles about everything what’s going on in the area of Sunderland; or just about anything they’re interested in. So in MAC190 module we will produce our own writings for this website . Can’t wait for it!

Most of all, journalism students are concentrated on finding new stories, something different, extraordinary but related to our every day life.
This very inspiring video on Youtube always reminds that interesting stories are everywehre.
It’s in every day life, in every person. We just have to look around and notice.


Saturday, February 1st, 2014

Do you remember when I mentioned a photoshoot for a magazine’s cover in one of my Facebook page updates ( ) ?
It was around three months ago; sorry that I’m blogging about it just now. But magazines do not born in one night, right?
examples photoshoot preparation
My work colleague Indrė Kliucevičiūtė is a second year student of Fashion Communication. She had to prepare and product her own fashion magazine for her university project.  Indrė is  from Lithuania so she chose to write about Eastern European models. That’s why she was looking for  Lithuanian and Polish girls for her photoshoots.

I’ve never thought that I’ll ever get an offer to be on a cover. It  was only my dream. So it didn’t take me long to say ‘YES’ when Indre asked me to be her model. Even though it’s a magazine for university purposes.  As I am deeply interested in magazines production, fashion, photography and styling – there was no reason to refuse.


Here you can see the result of our (well, maybe I should say Indre’s ) work – an interactive version of Modelè’s mag

And here is Indre’s fashion blog where you can find more works and inspirations (: Check it if you’re interested.


♥, Kamile

  • Name: Kamile Niunevaite
  • Age: 18
  • Studying: Journalism BA (Hons)
  • Hometown: Panevežys, Lithuania
  • Ambitions: I am planning to make a career as a journalist and my dream is to work for a magazine.

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