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Archive for December, 2013

Kamile Niunevaite

BSc (Hons) Psychology


Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

Every year people promise that everything will change, that this year will be different.
We usually say that we will smile more, work and study harder, take all chances. Or we will start to work out, to eat healthier, drink more tea than alcohol and many other things.
It would be perfect that all these our word would become true, but I can’t promise that I will be better this year that I will really change all my bad habits, that I won’t repeat my mistakes again. I really believe that I will do as much as I can and try all my best in every situation. But all I really want is just to be happy and enjoy my life as I did before!
2013 were the year with lots of changes and new experiences for me. But it was a great year and I believe that maybe 2014 will be even better!
So I wish everyone to enjoy New Year’s eve and try to make your life better everyday not only today!


Thanks everyone for following my blog, reading and commenting all my posts! Don’t forget to do it in 2014 too! (:
Love, Kamile


Monday, December 23rd, 2013

SALES is probably one of the most favourite words for all those who love shopping ( and for me of course (: ).Clothes

Here in Newcastle and Sunderland there are so many different shops and they are so big that one day for shopping is not enough. Especially when the costs are so low and it’s the time of the year when I want to buy everything! So if you want to meet me, you already know where you can find me!
It’s such a good feeling when I can buy stuff not only for me, but for my friends, family and roommates as well. Clothes, Christmas decorations, sweets, presents… I’ve almost bought everything that I wanted to buy, but still don’t have a festive jumper ( just because it’s so difficult to choose from such a variety, they all are sooo cute! ).

We also have a Christmas tree in our house and a new living room that makes our house even cozier. I think it’s really good to have some changes before Christmas and New Year!
Lip balmsSecret Santa present









I’m really looking forward these celebrations, even though it will be the first time when I’ll be away from my family and best friends in this time of year. But as I love new experiences I know that these days will be really memorable. I hope that all of you are also prepared and festive because only 2 days left!!!

x Kamile x


Friday, December 13th, 2013

Friday the 13th doesn’t sound like the best day ever, right? But it is still Friday and it is a start of my winter holidays! How cool is that. I still can’t believe that it’s all finished with my first semester of uni. How could everything happen so quickly???
Hello December.
When streets are full of Christmas lights and the smell of hot chocolate it’s time to think about preparation for my favourite time of the year!
Last few weeks were really stressful; full of assignments, long hours at work… No time to decorate my room and prepare for Christmas! So as the holidays have started, I finally plan to do Christmas shopping: buy a festive jumper, lights, candles, baubles and lots of sweets! The only question is: Does England have a snow in winter?! (: Because Lithuania has lots of! Here’s a picture that my dad sent to me yesterday:

(Oh how I miss my home!!!) People often ask me about the weather in Lithuania, so you can see it now!

December is really a magic time of the year! Any of you are interested in magic and tricks?
Just to entertain you, here is the video that I’ve made few days ago. We were sitting in a Lady Grey’s pub in Newcastle when we met Paul – a guy who was making fantastic tricks with cards and other stuff. That was something amazing! I have no idea how it is possible! It was a good show and I hope to have a chance to meet Paul again. Watch it! (SORRY FOR THOSE BLACK SIDES, NOISE AND QUALITY OF THE VIDEO as it was noisy and dark in a pub. I’ll try to make it better next time (:  ).


Monday, December 2nd, 2013

Have you ever read British VOGUE? Have you ever wanted to meet fashion director Lucinda Chambers? I did! I also met Grazia’s feature writer Zoe Beaty, Company’s Editor Victoria White and celebrity interviewer Louise Gannon.
Where? In UoS fashion journalism masterclass in London! Watch a video:

Good night, Kamile

  • Name: Kamile Niunevaite
  • Age: 18
  • Studying: Journalism BA (Hons)
  • Hometown: Panevežys, Lithuania
  • Ambitions: I am planning to make a career as a journalist and my dream is to work for a magazine.

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