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BSc (Hons) Psychology

How To Find A Work Placement

Saturday, December 27th, 2014


Hi everyone! This is going to be a bit of a boring post, however for some I know it will be extremely useful!

A lot of people have been asking how easy is it to find a work placement whilst studying at Sunderland University. It is not as difficult as it may seem,especially with all the help and resources from the University. The best time to start applying for placements is when you are in your second year, as the placement year goes in between your second and third year.


Here is my advice and tips on how to secure a placement;


1)  Read the information about the placement year >> here <<


2) Inform Deborah Storer (the Placement Coordinator) that you are interested in doing a placement, you will then be put onto a database and sent opportunities via email about new placement opportunities for you to apply for, this is how I found mine.


3) I also found placements from looking myself, there are so many websites out there to find work placements for example Rate My Placement offers tons of placements all over the UK.


4) You are not limited to one, you could do two placements, for example both for six months and experience two different work cultures.


5) Apply as soon as possible, I noticed that a lot of the deadlines were the end of December! That means applying almost as soon as you go into second year and throughout.


6) Apply for as many as possible. I remember applying for about 50, it is very simple – the more you apply for the bigger chance you have!


Good Luck!

Iphone 5 4165

During my work placement with White Lodging!


5 Reasons To Study Abroad!

Thursday, December 11th, 2014

I have been getting a lot of questions about studying abroad, so I have made a video of my experience in Berlin and why I think YOU should do the same! Sunderland Uni has a huge choice of places to study including Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, USA and Europe. You can find more information here:

  • Name: Jessica Duncan
  • Age: 22
  • Studying: BA (Hons) Business and Management
  • Hometown: Darlington, UK
  • Ambitions: To be managing a successful International Business and to travel the world!

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