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Jessica Duncan – Livesonline

BSc (Hons) Psychology

New Mindsets for New Times

Thursday, October 23rd, 2014

Yesterday I attended my first Guest Speaker programme at Uni and It really was life changing! It was by Maurice Duffy, CEO of Blackswan (a business transformation consultancy that operates globally in over 20 countries). He spoke about Leadership, Change and Transformation. Basically it was about how you can achieve anything you want if you unlock your mindset, change your attitude and set it free.


He had a book signing after the speech so I bought the book and I read the whole thing on the metro home to Newcastle! I really recommend everyone to buy the book, it is called: ‘New Mindsets for New Times’. He gives step by step instructions with ten main ‘mindsets’ on how to change your whole attitude.  I don’t want to give it all away but here are just a few of my favorite quotes in the book:

1461576_10152294294336307_4027988857787197160_n 1656372_10152294294561307_3915085406670973211_n10712852_10152294294556307_6815437921968772760_n

I will tell you about my favorite of the ten mindsets: Number 5 – Ways of seeing yourself through the eyes of others.

In order to understand this mindset Maurice first made us first watch the dove beauty campaign, for those who haven’t watched it here it is:

In the video women are asked to describe themselves to a artist whom is drawing the women based on their verbal descriptions, the artist cannot see the woman at all. Before all of this, they socialize with a stranger who later describes the woman to the artist. Basically, the end result shows that the strangers drawings are much more beautiful women.

He then spoke about how you have to understand that people are your mirror, try to see yourself through other peoples eyes. Recognize that people say things about you, or to you, for a reason. We must be open to input and feedback, and that way we can improve ourselves.  I am guilty of getting defensive if anyone ever criticizes me or has a negative comment and always defending myself so I think this is going to be quite difficult!

I hope this post has motivated you somehow, and that you go and buy the book!


Yummy cakes!


12,000 words to go!

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

I have been craaaazy busy the past few days, I spent the last week deciding what topic I am writing my dissertation on. Since I had my placement year with White Lodging I will be focusing on that company, which makes things like collecting data easier (another benefit of doing a work placement!) However I can’t really complain when I have this view from the library.. and Costa Coffee on campus.


Studying in the library is so much better than at home, not just because of the coffee and the nice view but I also don’t get distracted like I do at home. I feel more motivated, I have access to all the books I might need and it is open 24 hours a day. It is every final year students second home so I feel blessed to have such a nice library!



Open Day!

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014


If you missed the last open day don’t worry as Brigita and I will both be there again this Saturday (25th October), I will be hanging around the Business & Law stand, and Brigita will be at the Journalism stand. So if you want a chat or have any questions then please feel free to talk to me, I am very friendly I promise!

Here is a short video I made of the last open day starring Brigita, enjoy!

Student Accommodation at Sunderland

Friday, October 10th, 2014

Moving away from home can be very scary  for the first time and you never know what to expect. Sunderland has five different student accommodations available, and first year students are always guaranteed a place. Here is a tour of my friends flat at Panns Bank which is located in front of the St Peters Campus. If you study a Business related subject it is the closest accommodation to the campus.

Ed’s Easy Diner!

Wednesday, October 8th, 2014




Some of you may already know that there is a new American Diner in town. So of course I had to go check it out with my Texas friend Amy. It is in the Bridges shopping center right in front of the American Candy store and for the next month they are giving 50% student discount!!! (Monday till Thursday)





Ed’s special nutella shake…. AMAZING

 10632795_10152264009351307_8197323614328414221_n 10701984_10152264009791307_3429846557839412068_n 


I’ll be back very soon!


Introduction Video!

Saturday, October 4th, 2014

  • Name: Jessica Duncan
  • Age: 22
  • Studying: BA (Hons) Business and Management
  • Hometown: Darlington, UK
  • Ambitions: To be managing a successful International Business and to travel the world!

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