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BSc (Hons) Psychology

A Weekend In Malaga

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

The weekend before last the lads and I decided to splash some of our ‘Progression Bursary’ (given for successfully completing 2nd year) on a trip to Spain. Malaga was our choice of destination!

We flew out from Newcastle International Airport in the early hours of Saturday morning and started proceedings with a ‘liquid breakfast’ consisting of a couple of jugs of lager between us before we’d even boarded the plane…

When we arrived in Malaga there was chaos as our American friend Kyle (who’s studying abroad at Sunderland) had managed to leave his iPhone on the plane! Luckily, Kyle is fluent in Spanish and managed to get security to let him back through and he was eventually reunited with his phone.

After checking in at our hotel, which was ideally situated in the city centre, we had some lunch before moving on into the city for more beer. Malaga were playing away at Granada that day and so as we couldn’t attend their game, we decided to cheer them on with the locals in a nearby Irish bar!

Before long we were the life and soul of the party and the bar-man was dishing out free shots to us all! We then moved on to another small bar which upon our arrival was occupied by a few locals and some teenagers in a corner singing songs acoustically with their guitar. Within ten minutes we had the young Spaniards playing Oasis classics and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers too! It was carnage! But brilliant fun nonetheless! Paul even borrowed their guitar for a few songs but I think it’s fair to say Ed Sheeran has nothing to worry about just yet!

Eventually we found a nice pizza place to line our stomachs before going back to the hotel and changing for the night time festivities! We ended up in a club named ‘London Club’ and after a few too many that was where my night ended, as I got in a taxi and headed home with Kyle who was also feeling a little off colour!

The others partied on until the very small hours though and there were some pretty tasty hangovers on Sunday morning! But undeterred we headed off to La Rosaleda, home of Malaga CF hoping to go on a stadium tour but unfortunately it was closed! It still looked pretty impressive from the outside though!

Needless to say we ended up in our favourite Irish bar again all afternoon, followed by our favourite Italian restaurant from the previous evening. Later that night we found ourselves in a bar full of Anderlecht supporters who were in Malaga ahead of their side’s Champions League clash the next week and we struck up an unlikely friendship! What followed was a night full of football chants and in the end a few of them exchanged email addresses with some of our lads in the hope of meeting up in Belgium or England in the future!

Early the next morning we were awoken by the horns of our taxis for the airport having overslept! It was a mad rush and resulted in Nick accidentally leaving behind his beloved straightners but we got down in time, in the end! We headed home to the North East having had a hilarious and eventful whistle-stop tour of Malaga!

What a way to spend your bursary!





Celebrating My 21st At Uni

Tuesday, October 9th, 2012

Last Thursday (4th October) marked my 21st birthday and after a brief trip home to leafy Cheshire I was back in the North East by Friday afternoon ready to embark on a crazy weekend of celebration!

My mates from Crewe came up for the occasion and joined myself and some of my Uni friends for a wild night out in Newcastle on the Saturday! Pre-drinks at the house were amazing, with Fifa, Beer Pong and The Word Association game all playing their part in getting us suitably tipsy before heading over to the ‘Toon.’

Once there I was typically ushered into the infamous ‘Dentist’s Chair’ at Sam Jacks nightclub much to the amusement of my mates! As it was my 21st I was pretty game for anything they had lined up for me and so didn’t complain too much when they sent me up for a second stint in the chair either! I think every single drink I had that night came with a shot of Sambuca which for me is a nightmare because I’m a genuine ‘Buca Puker.’ But overall, from the hazy memories of the night that I have and judging by the photos, I think I had an amazing time anyway!

Sunday morning was another story however! The place was a tip and I was VERY hungover! We somehow got through the day ¬†though and were then faced with a daunting fixture for our 5aside team (Maroon 5) that evening against an outfit made up entirely of actual Cage Fighters! The inevitable physical battle that followed was pretty draining but we fought valiantly and with three minutes left were 9-8 down, only to end up losing 12-8 as the hangovers got the better of us and we capitulated devastatingly! Nevertheless, we’ll hopefully do a little better in the first game of the student league on Tuesday evening.

To cap off a very memorable weekend we then booked a trip to Malaga for early December! After some deliberation we decided that this would be a good way to spend our bursaries for passing second year and as Sports Journalists we plan on taking in the La Liga fixture between Champions League new boys Malaga and relegation candidates Granada. I always think it’s important to have something to look forward to and as the final year of Uni seems to be quite full on I think by the time the festive period is upon us, the break will be more than welcome!

My 21st Birthday Cake


Student Profile:

  • Name: Jamie Baker
  • Age: 21
  • Studying: Sports Journalism BA (Hons)
  • Hometown: Crewe
  • Ambitions: To become a major sports journalist, travelling the world and reporting on all the major events.

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