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BSc (Hons) Psychology

My 2nd Week on The Independent Sports Desk (Part IIII)

Friday, February 15th, 2013

The penultimate day of my work experience on the Sports Desk, at The Independent, in London brought plenty of work on match previews for Saturday’s paper!


My 2nd Week on The Independent Sports Desk (Part III)

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

Day three of my second week at the Independent was a little bit livelier than day two thankfully! There was plenty of talk in the office about the Madrid Vs Utd clash and I got stuck into more match previews.


My 2nd Week on The Independent Sports Desk (Part I)

Monday, February 11th, 2013

I’m back in London again this week for my second stint on the sports desk of the Independent newspaper. As I did back in November, I will be providing a day by day video diary of my time inside Northcliffe House and updating you all on my progress.

This is the final week of compulsory work placement that I’ll be doing for my degree at the University of Sunderland, and hopefully it’ll provide another fascinating learning curve for me.


Work Hard, Play Even Harder!

Sunday, October 28th, 2012

I’ve probably not blogged as much as I should have over the last few weeks but I have been ridiculously busy I can assure you all! This is the first full week I’ve spent in Sunderland for a month because I’ve been going home every weekend for one reason or another: my birthday, someone else’s birthday, to play football etc

Anyhow, this week I’ve remained on Wearside and plan on being up here in the North East until the Christmas break now! Apart from one week in mid-November that is… As part of my ‘Sports Writing’ module it is mandatory for me to complete a work placement, on the sports desk, at a newspaper and as luck would have it after polishing up my CV a little, I’ve managed to land a week at The Independent in London! This really isn’t bad going considering I threw in the towel with shorthand in my first year and missed my NCTJ exams last year due to studying abroad!

So that’s something I’m really looking forward to but am also equally nervous about! Whilst it will be great to work at a national newspaper for a week, it’ll also give me a good insight into whether or not I’m cut out to be a journalist or not. The Independent is based in Kensington which obviously isn’t too shabby of a place to be working and as I’ll be in a hotel down there for a week, I’ll be trying to see some of the sights as the only places I’ve visited in London have two sets of goalposts and four stands!

I’ve also spent time working on my personal project which is equivalent to what a dissertation would be on most courses. I am a massive Crewe Alexandra fan and so I have chosen to create a new supporters website for the club as my project. ‘The Gradian’  named after the legendary former Alex manager, Dario Gradi, will be launched imminently! I’ve had to conduct market research and extensively plan the layout of my website as well as trying to set up interviews with players and staff, past and present which has certainly been a challenge! But nonetheless I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it and choosing something I’m so passionate about could yet prove to be a very shrewd move on my behalf. (I’m still looking for more people to do the survey for me. It takes two minutes and you don’t have to be a Crewe fan or male to take part and it would be massively helpful to me!) 

On Friday my housemates and I all went on the Route 69 Geeks and Freaks pub-crawl! It was a great laugh and gave us a much needed blow out even this early in the year! The Route 69 pub-crawls take place every few months and always have a different theme, you take in all the best pubs and clubs in the city and everyone usually ends up in quite a state by the end of it! It’s definitely well worth a go if you’ve never done it before!

Route 69 Geeks and Freaks

Me and Fletch on the Route 69 pub-crawl


I’ll be posting my first video diary soon, so stay tuned for that enthralling update!

Take care,



Student Profile:

  • Name: Jamie Baker
  • Age: 21
  • Studying: Sports Journalism BA (Hons)
  • Hometown: Crewe
  • Ambitions: To become a major sports journalist, travelling the world and reporting on all the major events.

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