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Helen Cummings


July 16th, 2011

Graduation!!!! :)

Hi Everyone

Here’s a bit of news for you! I GRADUADTED ON MONDAY WITH A 2.1 in LAW!! The graduation ceremony was held at the Stadium of Light and it was held for the entire business and law faculties. The atmosphere was amazing! As soon as we got to the stadium we could immediatly get our robes and had a few photos with our families. Then we went into one of the suits of rooms and had refreshments before heading outside into the stands where a stage had been set up.

Then row by row we went out and recieved our degrees! I was so happy I didnt trip! Though if you have a look in the video I did wobble a bit when walking off it! Probably should have taken everyones advice and avoided heels.


Finally we all headed back into the main building where there was a buffet. People also had the option of have having professional photos taken, and various soveniers!

Until next time 🙂 xx

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June 25th, 2011

The Discovery Museum

Hello Everyone

My friend Martha and I thought it might be an idea to show you around Newcastle a bit. As its so close to Sunderland its a fab place for a day trip. We decided on this trip to visit one of its many musuems the discovery museum. Its filled with information about the northeast area, not just Newcastle. So it might be worth a look if your not familiar with the region. Its free too which was fab for two improverished students hehe.

There’s exibits from everything from fashion to the history of how the area developed. We were in there FOUR HOURS we had such a good time! Theres a cafe there and also a place to have fun and play table ice hockey. Hope you all go!!!!!

Till next time Helen xxx

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June 25th, 2011


Hi everyone!

Well here’s the post ive been the most excited to write about! THE LAW  BALL AT LUMLEY castle!!!! And let me tell you WHAT A NIGHT IT WAS!

Firstly we had photos taken outside in the grounds of the beautiful grounds, and beause it was soo warm we were able to stand out with our drinks. Everyone was looking so beautiful! The dresses were so elegant and the guys looked fab in their suits!

When we’d finished taking photos outside we went inside and sat down to a GORGOUS meal in the banquet hall! We had starters. Then beef and all the trimmings followed by desert. Then Dr Karen Hadley and one member of my year gave leaving speeches! They were beautiful and were wonderfully accurate about the staff on the course! The lecturers are absolute STARS!



After the speeches we the sun was setting so we stood on a balcony. Obviously taking more photos hehe.

Then we had a party down stairs in a huge caven, that was hung with fairy lights! It was a lovely way to end the year, and really made me think about how much I’m going to miss everyone! I love this group of people!

Anyway better go Ive got another blog to write for you! Hope you like the photos and videos! Helen xxx

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June 25th, 2011

Days out and Super injunctions

Hi ya Everyone

Just thought Id let you all know about this great place to take the family or your friends when they visit Sunderland. There’s an amazing new park just next to Chester le Street which is just about 15minutes away from Sunderland Town centre. You can see for the pictures it’s very beautiful. Its right next to the river, has a cafĂ©, and a huge children’s’ playground, as well as great car parking facilities. So all in all great place for a day out.

I also thought id talk about in this blog about something in the news which has really grabbed my attention lately
from a legal perspective. The issue of super injunctions, which are also called gagging orders. For those of you that might be unsure what this is. It is a order made by a court restricting information or comment from being made public. Obviously recent events have emphasised criticisms of this legal area. Those on the receiving end tend to believe that it is COMPLETELY unfair that after getting this order they are then outed. While others believe it is wrong to prevent ‘free speech’ by the media and that these order ought not to exist. That we all have a right to the ‘full story’. Personally I agree that it is desirable to have the ‘full truth’ in every story. So in relation to gagging orders in my eyes if your caught out your caught out! Its something I feel is just deserts to be honest.

It has been suggested that a gagging order is in place to prevent insensitive details reaching the media which could do damage to an individuals family. My argument here is the damage is done and that person OUGHT to have thought about that before they ‘got carried away in a moment’. Of course everyone feels sorry the for the family behind the story (I TOTALLY DO) but to be honest in my mind that information ought to be fair game to those that find it and can make a story out of it. Harsh maybe, but true. Just as the gossipy old lady down the street has the right to tell your spouse and her friends that she saw a 23 year old blonde going into your house and staying the night, so to (I believe) should a reporter have the right to say/ write about it in a newspaper. I mean the gossipy lady could write about it to just
I doubt the interest would be there hehe. I guess in my mind you get the wonderful life style you KNOW you’ll get this type of attention so I don’t think there should be a get out clause.

Obviously this is a pretty ‘hot’ issue at the moment so Id better stop here. But can you all see my point? Do you have another opinion?

Anyway Id best go. Im trying to slim into my ball dress. LAW BALL’S THIS THURSDAY! Cant wait!!!!!!!!!

Speak soon xx

(PS. All of the comments in this article are ALL my own opinions! It has nothing to do with the University!)

May 19th, 2011

The Exams are over!! Whoop whoop!

Hi Everyone

Well its over 4 assignments and one exam all done! Summers here! Who ever says uni isnt hard work is lying. It totally is. Oh well its over now looking forward to my holiday in AUSTRALIA! Im going for about 7 weeks and Ill be just travelling around seeing all the sights. Planning it is keeping me occupied from thinking about the exam results hehe.

Ive also been going to out for little trips. That I’d love to tell you about.

Firstly I went to the indoor market in newcastle. I know Markets arnt everyones cup of tea but this one is beautiful. Its in a airy oldly worldly building, and there lots of different types of stalls to keep anyone interested! I loved just having a wander.

Another place ive been to is Seaham. Ive probably meantioned it before. Its by the sea and has this gorgous rugged coast line and beach. Its won awards for it! Im meantioning it again because Ive found this AMAZING icecream parlour! It sells PROPER, massive chocolaty knickerbocker glories, and banana splits with all the trimmings!(Amongst other things hehe). It also looks out over the beach and this green area. Its right next to good parking facilities too so its perfectly located for a family day out.  Id throughrally recomend a look.

Right Id best be off! Im trying to find a dress for the law ball! Its not far away now!

Speak soon xx

March 30th, 2011

What to do next

Hi everyone

I just thought Id tell you about this great thing my lecturer told me about. Basically a job agency came to the law department and asked whether some of the pupils would like to put their CV’s online! So naturally when I was asked I said YES!!! I need all the help I can get! This is what I love about the law department and I’m sure it goes for all the other departments too! They just WANT to help you! They have even held a law careers night. Food and drinkies in a lovely restaurant so we ould meet lots of different people and ask about their jobs. It was very interesting…I especially loved the cup cakes hehe. This is the link to the online CV website incase any of you are interested:

Obviously you know ive been working hard! But i just thought Id show you a few snap shots from my free time as well just to show you that im not a complete recluse…yet hehe 🙂

We’ve just found out our graduation date which Im really looking forward to BUT better yet we’ve found out the date of our BALL!!!! We’re having it at Lumley castle near Durham! Its going to be an epic night! All the girls are getting ball gowns! I still havn’t got mineeee eeeep hehe 🙂

Anyway enjoy the rest of this month

Helen xx

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