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Grant Ridley | University of Sunderland

English Education 11-18 years with QTS BA (Hons)

Farewell Lives Online

My Lives Online experience has been phenomenal! I have loved every minute. It has opened up so many opportunities and I feel I have developed as a person through the monthly blog updates. I hope you have enjoyed the insight into my University and personal life and it has added value to you in some way. I would like to thank the University of Sunderland for giving me this amazing opportunity; an opportunity I will never forget. I have had a fantastic year and discovered I have a real passion for vlogging. I will continue to put my life online via my blog on Thank you to everyone who engaged with my blog over the year, it means a lot. Goodbye for now.

  • Name: Grant Ridley
  • Age: 21
  • Studying: English Education 11-18 years with QTS BA (Hons)
  • Hometown: Hebburn, South Tyneside
  • Ambitions: I plan to teach and travel for a few years after Uni before going into business and running my own enterprise. Who knows what opportunities await!

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